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  1. Massive as fuck, shoulder mounted but has exactly the same lens and chips as the VX1k. As far as I know it's a full size dv/dvcam beast, not mini dv. I roll mine with an external recorder, stuff looks alright from it but not sure what settings to roll with my ancient version of Vegas on my capture laptop for export. Gonna get a shitty cheap fisheye so it's not just for telephoto shots, but yea it can be picked up for way less than vx1ks can be. Still has FireWire out, and the mic on its sick Bit too big for normal use tho. Lighter but taller than an xl1/2. About as painful but more rewarding than using the blackmagic ursa mini for this lol
  2. akaikitty

    VX1k - MK1 vignetting aligment

    It's cause of steadyshot iirc. Not much you can do about it. Old video still had vig that was off lol, you'll get it with almost any camera with stabilisation
  3. akaikitty

    new Opteka deathlens lookalike brand

    If I get enough money ill throw it on either my canon xl2 or xha1. I'll throw some shots up when/if that happens
  4. akaikitty

    VX1000 TLC

    Best to use a £30 external monitor over the fragile ass viewfinders. Can actually see compared to them too. Your tape drive may kick out, get a FireWire compact flash (datavideo dn60) or hard disk recorder (Sony made one, best to replace the original hard disk with an SSD or cf card tho) and that removes the need for tapes and wear on the heads. The CCDS like to randomly burn out and fuck up the colours, when that happens the whole lens block will need replacing. Tbh the vx2000/2100s are a safer bet as they're newer and blow the vx1k/dsr200ap/vx9000s out of the water. More reliable too. Viewfinder fix is finnicky as hell but easyish. But best to use an external monitor on the hotshoe afterwards as the things so fragile Make sure you've got something holding the mic mount up as they sag like all hell unless they've been kept in a hard case. Don't treat it like shit and it will reward you. They were never incredibly tough in the first place and everything is becoming harder and harder to replace
  5. akaikitty

    Tapeless VX1000 recording

    FireWire is legit the same if not better quality than what's going on the tape. I have a CF recorder, the dn60 and roll it with my canon XL2, and sony VX9000. It's exactly the same as recorded on tape, just that it tends to drop frames at times as I'm still figuring it out.