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    VX1000 Tape won't open, weird colors

    The camera can power on, I mean the cr2025 is dead. When I power on, I can’t eject the tape (nothing really happen and can’t rewind or play the tape) When I turn on camera mode, I see like all in green ( sometimes purple or blue ) but watch the videos I’ve uploaded before
  2. I've just bought a VX1000 (not working) and I don't really know where the malfunction is. I think the battery is dead, some are arriving but... Here are the problems : - the tape don't want to come out ( the tape is full so i can't check if i can record) -some weird colors changing i think, depending of the light ( sometime its normal colors) I tried to rewind the tape through my computer but nothing happened Hope it won't be bad 😕 Olivier IMG_6806.MOV IMG_6801.MOV IMG_6800.MOV IMG_6799.MOV