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  1. jlyel

    vx1000 footage upscale to 720p

    what is even the point of converting the frame rate to 60p instead of 29.97.. you cant magically create frames that arent there. It just makes each frame play for a duration of 2 frames in a 60p timeline. The size being upscaled for less compression by youtube might make sense though. Id just keep the frame rate the same unless that also changes how youtube compresses.
  2. jlyel

    vx1000 footage upscale to 720p

    how dude youre a vx youtube wizard. So you just make the 4k timeline but then the clips get scaled up like zoomed in?
  3. jlyel

    vx1000 export settings

    I was wondering if anybody knows how to get a really good vx1000 export for youtube or dvd. Seems like whatever I do theres a little pixelation that just doesnt look as good. Any tips that might have to do with export settings like format, frame rate, size, etc would be awesome. I think this is my favorite quality vx1 on youtube from the vase video, its just really clear. And youtube says its 720p 60 somehow which is weird because vx1s film at 29.97. So if anybody has any knowledge that would be sick. thanks.
  4. jlyel

    VX1k - MK1 vignetting aligment

    my vig was fine before.. and i didnt use my vx for awhile stored it in a hard case in my closet so nothing could have happened to it and now its like really messed up. Not sure what to do either if anyone knows anything. Mine is like really bad ill show an example. joeyback50front180.avi
  5. jlyel

    Tapeless VX1000 recording

    thats so awesome that this is actually a thing.. my vx doesnt glitch too muchyet but if this is more reliable it does seem like a good option. Id try this out for sure if its not too expensive