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  1. Boomhauer

    Color Difference

    can anyone answer this for me?
  2. Boomhauer

    Color Difference

    anyone? sorry, i'm in a bit of a rush to get this sent off before the deadline.
  3. Boomhauer

    Color Difference

    thanks a lot man. i do have a working copy of compressor, but i'm unsure the length of the dvd this guy will be using so i'm not sure which i should choose in compressor to make an mpeg 2 file.. would it work fine if i export it as dv ntsc under motion graphics?
  4. Boomhauer

    Color Difference

    another question i have is when exporting in uncompressed avi format, the clip comes out as 720x480.. so in the sequence settings under frame size i changed the aspect ratio from ntsc dv (3:2) to ntsc (4:3), but now for the pixel aspect ratio the only option is ntsc - ccir 602 / dv (720x480).. is this going to cause any problems? the reason i'm doing this is because i need to export the footage in uncompressed avi so i can send it to someone who will be editing the video.. or is it fine for me just to send the footage as it is with the 3:2 ratio? (assuming they'll just be able to switch it to 4:3 without any problems)
  5. Boomhauer

    Color Difference

    thanks, that helps, but even if i open one of the uncompressed dv files and watch it in quicktime, it still appears duller than the clip shown in fcp.. so its not just the compressed clips that i'm having this problem with. although, i tried exporting a clip as an uncompressed avi file, and when i opened that outside of fcp, the colors matched perfectly with the clip in fcp.. so is that the only solution? it doesn't make sense to me that the uncompressed clips straight from the camera are having the same problem as the h.264 files
  6. Boomhauer

    Color Difference

    when i watch my footage in final cut, and even when i watch it in imovie, it appears to have much more contrast, and an allover better look. when i open the same clip in quicktime the colors will have much less contrast and almost be duller. anyone know whats wrong? thanks
  7. shit, sorry about that.. as stupid as it sounds i'm pretty much just trying to get my fucking post count up so i can make a thread in the classifieds to trade some gear. i hate that new rule, it sucks for the lurkers who never post but have actually made some transactions on the site.
  8. can anyone explain how to do this on a vx21?
  9. Boomhauer

    Vx2100 Custom Presets

    i've been wondering for a while, what determines whether you should use 70 or 100% zebra striping?
  10. Boomhauer

    Warm Colors W/ Vx2100 Help

    i've always kept sharpness in the middle.. although i've never really experimented with it, i just kind of assumed upping the sharpness would give it a less natural, gross kind of look. is there anyone else who puts their sharpness to the right who can vouch for this? i'm gonna have to try this out now and see if i like it
  11. Boomhauer

    Dvx: Century Mkii Vs. 16x9 Ex Super Fisheye

    shit. i never realized just how wide the dvx mkii really is good comparison
  12. Boomhauer

    Home Made Lens Vs. Raymod

    creative that looks like a lot of vig for a widened raynox. what camera is that on?
  13. Boomhauer

    This Is How It's Going Down

    really good idea these boards are always getting more and more helpful
  14. Boomhauer

    Post Your Setup Discussion Thread

    so many nice setups. just looking at them makes me anxious to get out and film after a long winter
  15. Boomhauer

    Ty Evans Video Interview

    definitely a cool guy i enjoyed looking at that nice hvx rolling along on the ladder dolly. hahaha