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  1. http://vimeo.com/37526543 First post in 4 years! Gone from VX to DSLR filming in that time so thought I'd post my latest edit up. Still very new to this whole DSLR filming game so feels like I'm back to square one, need to figure out what I'm doing wrong (which is probably quite a lot!).
  2. MattHirst

    Skate 2

    Anyone tried that 3D glasses thing? I could swear I saw a pair hanging round my house recently and my girlfriend threw a pair out last month. Now you actually need a pair for something they're nowhere to be bloody found!
  3. MattHirst

    Skate 2

    I was going to say... ...until seeing a few posts later that you'd done it!
  4. MattHirst

    Skate 2

    Haha I know, sorry man. Our towns shop closed down a bit ago so kind of feels like shits done in a way for me. Still filming dudes for their company videos and that, but fuck knows what I'd be doing about my own project. So don't worry I'm not done yet, I still film...just don't have time to post about it! (though obviously do about computer games haha) PS; SEND ME MY FUCKING SHIRT ALREADY x
  5. MattHirst

    Skate 2

    I'm guessing you both chose Girl as a sponsor? It's a known glitch that you can't get in the TF when being sponsored by Girl, simpy change sponsors and you're sorted. I'm assuming they'll be releasing a patch for this sometime soon though as it's pretty major.
  6. MattHirst

    Skate 2

    Been rinsing this too hard, getting a serious headache but can't stop haha new replays pretty good, though they've made it so hard to link tripod and follow cameras (if you try you'll see what I mean). This is the best I could get, thought wasn't too bad; http://skatereel.ea.com/members/1/169864930/32104.aspx Also had a play with the graphics creator, and after 10 mins got this; Unfortunately doesn't let you go any bigger, works better for boards. But still pretty sick.
  7. MattHirst

    Skate 2

    http://skatereel.ea.com/members/1/169864930.aspx Couldn't resist trying this. Lame I know but had to be done haha
  8. MattHirst

    Skate 2 Demo

    Don't bother with the last 2 photo challenges, for like 2 minutes work you end up with 30 extra seconds or something. I always stop after the mannys.
  9. MattHirst

    Frets On Fire

    This game is the sole cause of my Guitar Hero/Rockband addiction. Someone made a thread in the exact same manner about 3 years ago! I gave a try. Since then I've had GH2, GH3, RB, GH:WT and now RB2. So beware, this shitting thing owes me a scary amount of my life back!
  10. MattHirst

    Skate 2

    Yeah I wasn't stoked on seeing the Matrix plaza. Granted they'll have changed things I'm sure, but guess I thought nothing whatsoever would be the same.
  11. MattHirst

    Guitar Hero Apreciation

    I've been a fiend for this shit since GH2. Got way too much RB DLC. And my neighbour and housemates regularly complain about drumming. Haven't been too stoked on new GH, wouldn't have got if it wasn't for new Metallica album DLC (also shitting my pants in anticipation of GH:Metallica haha). I think (forgetting DLC), best so far has been GH2. Best songs (despite most being covers), a timing window that actually take skill to hit, and Freebird. The fact I still had that back in my xbox a couple of days after GH:WT came out gotta say something! EDIT: I've actually just remembered it was a thread on here that got me into the whole thing, for that Frets on Fire (a free PC GH rip where you play with your keyboard). Whoever made that thread owes me a SEVERE amount of my life back!
  12. MattHirst

    Skate 2

    Appleyard clip looks amazing
  13. MattHirst

    Official: Ea Skate

    [quote name='jlew' post='2734653' date='Nov 3 2008, 04:54 PM'][url="http://skate.share.ea.com/profiles/50983/posts/1332371.aspx"]http://skate.share.ea.com/profiles/50983/posts/1332371.aspx[/url] [url="http://skate.share.ea.com/profiles/50983/posts/1328678.aspx"]http://skate.share.ea.com/profiles/50983/posts/1328678.aspx[/url][/quote] The first one there made me realise that I pretty much exclusively do 'proper' switch. Not saying it's gay or wrong to do it like the game makes you, but after always forcing 'proper' switch, just made me see how that's the only way I ever play it.
  14. MattHirst

    Guitar Hero: Metallica

    You can get Ride and Justice as DLC for Rockband (plus Blackened too). So fucking good. Can't wait for this also, though yeah, if they keep it pre-Black Album that is the only thing that could make it better.