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  1. yeah, i hate myself is playing a show at the fest in florida. or they already did. i'm not super sure about the dates. hopefully it's not just a one time thing, and i'll get to see them.
  2. when i think of shellac, rapeman, and slint, i just think noise rock/math rock, not emo. i've been pretty into knapsack lately. they kind of tread the line between buttrock and emo, but they're so fucking good. i'm seeing street smart cyclist this winter when they do a super secret reunion show, which should be rad. tigers jaw and everyone everywhere are two bands in the whole philly DIY scene that i've been super into over the past few months. i recommend everybody check them out. whoever said pg.99 isn't very good is nuts
  3. Reidizzle

    Worst Thing Ever

    thank you, luke, for being the only decent person in this thread.
  4. Reidizzle

    Worst Thing Ever

    i'm kind of shocked to see absolutely no serious posts. rape is not funny, or something to joke about. it's the worst thing you can do to a human being, not to mention a young girl (yr sister). i hope this mother fucker gets his shit fucked up in prison, and i hope some day people will be a little less stupid about something so serious. word.
  5. Reidizzle

    Levi's 511

    WTF 15 DOLLAR 511'S. THAT SHIT RULES. Depending on where you live, I may be able to do lower.
  6. Reidizzle

    Levi's 511

  7. Reidizzle

    Levi's 511

    I have a pair of 511's that I'll let go for super, duper cheap. The deal with these guys is they were a pair that I wasn't too fond of the wash, and decided to overdye them. They're a really sweet indigo color now, but because of the pre-distress of the denim, one side, under the pocket, is more faded than the other and it's annoying to me. I figured somebody might wanna buy them to skate in or something. $15 shipped? Somebody let me know! you can see the distress in the second picture if anybody's interested, shoot me an email at maynard.reid@gmail.com or something. thanks dudes.
  8. oh that said i bought cap'n jazz's rerelease on vinyl. fuck y'all.
  9. i'm pretty big on all that shit. the whole new wave of revival is pretty sweet too. street smart cyclist when they were together, algernon, empire! empire!, snowing, joie de vivre, it's all rad.
  10. Reidizzle


    i've just got a bad view of it because of one of my best friends. he was prescribed all these pills. tons. anti depressants, klonopins, etc. he wound up just getting worse and attempted suicide and had to stay in the hospital for a week or so. after that he quit taking all of his medication and he's said he's never felt better. i'm sure it was just because of the combination of the different drugs, but i just haven't felt good about people just getting prescribed pills to fix their problems (though in reality prescription drugs have helped a number of people immensely) i guess i just feel like there are better, more natural ways to be healthy iunno
  11. Reidizzle


    i haven't listened in a long, long time, but i think my favorite release is the lon gisland ep. so fucking good i'm gonna go listen to it right now
  12. Reidizzle

    Banjo Kazooie Appreciation

    go back and play it again, because it's definitely a game for older people. it's also extremely funny. the sequel for gamecube is better than the n64 one in my opinion, but the one on wii suuuux
  13. Reidizzle


    those pills only make it worse
  14. nothing is fresher than cross country