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  1. Fs/wtt: Very Rare! Fender Telecaster Custom Fmt Hh

    last bump..ever
  2. Fs/wtt: Very Rare! Fender Telecaster Custom Fmt Hh

    800... bump? just really want a camera again.
  3. Fs/wtt: Very Rare! Fender Telecaster Custom Fmt Hh

    lookin to trade for mac also but someone has to be interested
  4. Fs/wtt: Very Rare! Fender Telecaster Custom Fmt Hh

    what da bump
  5. alright so I haven't been on here in a very long time but ive had this guitar since 04.. now its extremely rare you wont find a fmt hh with dimarzio pickups and deff not in this color so its a collectible. serious inquiry's only looking to trade for a setup this thing is worth a G..down the road itll be worth alotttttt more. serial number # 04082814 P.s. may include badass fender case with locks prefer full body
  6. Fs::hdr-fx1+death+4 Year Warranty+mad Shit

    [quote name='queensfilmer' post='1470298' date='Jan 21 2007, 09:43 PM']I'd rather see it in the hands of a skate filmer who can do something innovative with the HD format, than with some fronting sneakerhead NYU film student from Iowa filming "art" and fake graffiti flicks, with their mommy's money.[/quote] priceless
  7. Need Help

    yet hes young im guessing.. get her number dude, i remember i just wrote letters and then explained how i fealt. now i get numbers then hook up. depending on how she is man i guess just get her number some how and call her up. spit some game and then ask her out. dont EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER ask a gurl out over the net..so lame
  8. Gl2 Bundle

    dude i sold mine for 1650 on ebay..id suggest just putting it on ebay! and my mic was fucked up and the cam had atleast 70hours on the heads.