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  1. boon

    Florecast Zine

    Cant wait to get mine in the mail Have fun at the launch!!!!
  2. boon

    Wes Kremer - K-grind

    Shot for Wes Kremers interview at Rippers Choice The website is Swedish but the interview and the photos are in english You can find the whole interview in the link ^ BIGGER IS BETTER!
  3. boon

    Bench Ride - Dallas Rockvam

    Yep, he ollied straight up on the backrest.
  4. boon

    Bench Ride - Dallas Rockvam

    He's a killer! Thanks guys appreciate it
  5. Shot in Denmark by the beach during a Sweet x Perus scandinavian tour, while everyone else had found a beach party with free food and beer. But we got some in the end... BIGGER IS BETTER
  6. boon

    Fs Nose Up A Rail

    Shot last fall in Stockholm. Will be up on my new website soon! BOONPHOTOGRAPHY.COM BIGGER IS BETTER!
  7. boon


    I think that the whole cropping tabu started with photo journalists and war photogtaphers. This was a way for them to make sure people knew that they hadn't cropped anything out (wich they did as soon as they framed it in the camera) I am all for frames, if they are there and you havent cropped the photo. But to ad them to already cropped photos is not my thing...
  8. Cheers! Happy guy like it. I used one Profoto D4 2400w and one Pro 7B. Both Pro-heads and D4 heads, one beauty dish, two umbrellas and a couple of standard reflectors were used. And no, this is not my ordinary setup , it is mostly used shooting non-skate jobs, alltough I sometimes use the Pro 7B for skate. @Spencer Wells: send them over, happy answer them
  9. I might try to setup a thread about my workflow and post it here. Always happy to help my fellow SP's
  10. This was shot at Artipleg's skate exhibit for an article in Giftorm Mag. At the exhibit they had color gels shifting all the time and I wanted to do something that represented that in a photo, so I used gels on the flash heads mixed with white light. Also, right now they are showing my photos at Artipelag for a limited time. (this is probably more "post" than most you SP's like, but the idea was to get a bit of a sureal feeling in the shot) BIGGER IS BETTER! A quick behind the scenes from the shoot! Sorry to say that just that flip is not in the clip, my assistant shot the whole thing and missed out on that one. http://vimeo.com/60555997
  11. Life Life is good! Lot of work (thats why I havent been around here as much) and getting my own studio up and running in Stockholm. And you?
  12. boon

    4x5" And Ali Boulala In The Studio

    Married and chilling stockholm
  13. boon

    4x5" And Ali Boulala In The Studio

    I dont know if I agree, but I appriciate your opinion. And as stated above the pic, this is actual 4x5" NOT digi
  14. Brought out the LF camera for the first time in a year yesterday. Had fun shooting it again, but kind of fucked up the development a bit. Sinar F1 with a Rodenstock 210mm. D4 with one head with a 3x4f bouncer above the camera and one with a standard reflector behind him on the backround. Tmax 400. BIGGER IS BETTER!
  15. Just a quick warning! Do NOT send out photos for prints in 16 bit and sRGB. Adobe RGB is for print and sRGB is for web. And it should always be 8 bit when you deliver the frame. Also a quick one about the sharpening for print, have the preview set at 50% and that gives you an idea what it will look like in print.