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  1. Penal

    Assignment 100 Feedback.

    damn, kupobarrel's is sooo dope. yaddidididididididididermean
  2. Penal

    Penal Chronology Promo

    well, its a promo montage? haha, whatever.
  3. Yaddider? http://vimeo.com/2086444
  4. Penal

    Nikon Super Zoom 8

    Stoked right now because I just got my first film setup including a projector. So I'm trying to study up before I actually go out filming and I've been trying to find out how to use the built in 85 filter that the Nikon Super Zoom 8 comes with. Does anybody know? I read something having to do with the top part of the camera where this rubber piece is, but it doesn't seem plausible? Help please! EDIT: Forgot to add this.. Its a picture of the supposed 85 filter. (Scroll down to the bottom, second to last picture.) Just some visual aid.
  5. Any critiques or comments welcomed.
  6. Penal

    Mike Mo Capaldi

    Mike Mo's raw. He doesn't need handrails. And plus, what's more interesting, a handrail trick, or some creative ass tech shit.
  7. Penal

    Plan B Video

    I want to see this video just to see what Sheck did down El Toro and Wallenburg. Hahaha I wonder if he could ever redeem himself. And everyone is right, the Plan B is a fuckin robot. Even though they got some tite tricks, it just seems so dull at the same time. O yea, can't wiat for the Flip Video!!!
  8. Daaaamnnn, thats fucked up. I'd do that to a cat tho, I hate fucking cats.
  9. Penal

    Magic Eye

    I always tried these when I was a kid, but then I'd always get headaches
  10. Penal

    Worst Kickout Story

    Kicked out from crossing the street . There was like 10 of us and some cop pulled us over because we were going across a busy intersection with our skateboards (even though we had the right of way). Sat there for 30 minutes for some bullshit, and this cop was about to take our boards until I called my parents, and then he started acting all nice. The worst thing of this whole situation tho, was the fact that a Hummer drove wildly on the sidewalk 30 feet from us, skirted, and drove up the hill. I asked the cop, "Aren't you gonna do something about that." And he replied "We'll get to that later, right now I have to deal with you." So basically skateboarding here is a much more severe crime than reckless driving.
  11. I talked to the principal when I heard about the ordeal, and he's full of bullshit. He talks about how he's advocating a skatepark for us, yet at the same time he doesn't want us to do it. Seriously. And I was talking to him about the whole skateboard to school deal. This is what he said: Me: So how come we can't skate to school? Principal: Because it's dangerous? M: How about bikes and scooters and everything, their just as dangerous if not more. P: No, skateboarding is more dangers, you can fall and hurt yourself. M: Well, how bout bikes. You can fall and eat shit so much harder than a skateboard. You got a whole frame that will tangle your legs up and annihilate you. Skateboards just roll away if you fall. P: Well, I don't know then. Just don't bring them to school. And that same day, I got pulled over for skating on this walkway 10 feet from the street because I wasn't wearing a helmet. And then that same day we got hassled again for skating this empty ass parking lot with a manual pad (which was our only spot.) So basically, the cop told us the only place we can skate is "no where commercially owned or anywhere near the streets," which for us, is in front of our houses (and we've still been hassled for that.) I don't know man, its some total bullshit. I know I'm writing a lot, but c'mon, this shit is stupid.
  12. Ok, basically, my school sent out a letter banning skateboarding [i][/i]to and from school[i][/i], which i think is fucking ridiculous. Like seriously, how can you ban skateboarding but not biking or scooters or all that shit? I talked to the principal and he said because "it's more dangerous,' which i think is fuckin retarded. Has this happened to anyone. I mean, I wouldn't be trippin as much if it weren't for the fact that I get out early and I have to skate home from school everyday.
  13. Penal

    Feel Good Songs

    Car or Fling by Built to Spill. Actually, pretty much anything buy BTS makes me feel good.
  14. Penal

    Camera Laws?

    Can cops tell you to stop filming?