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  1. went to business school and work in real estate development. didn't see that one coming in 2006 when i joined this place.
  2. 32GNU

    Random Photo Discussion

    bought an x100s to arrive next week, needed something good for packing along travelling without having to deal with scanning. I'm working in mining right now so theres lots of travel, and i'm doing a semester in auckland later in the year. anyone use an x-series much?
  3. no such thing as shopping around for insurance in BC, only one provider and its a crown corp (a branch of government). andrew, you should try and get a document that says the first date you were licenced in missouri. i have something that says i first got licensed in 2007 (didnt own a car until 2010) and they always try and say otherwise. i used to pay ~80/mo on my civic and i have a fairly questionable driving record. you would get something in the realm of a 35% discount on that rate if you can prove it.
  4. not sure on the performance end, but e39 m5s (in my mind) are sooooo much nicer. it may just be that vancouver ruined the 2006+ generation of 5-series for me in general, but theres something about the e39 thats subtle but rad.
  5. agreed to drive an hour to see this guys xs650 for sale that he put up an hour prior, told him to keep it open until i get there cause i'd pay asking price as long as the bike ran. left work early, got there, and he told me he just sold it to his buddy over the phone for 100 under asking price. fuck people.
  6. that bike reminds me of this. good deal for someone whos into that style http://vancouver.en.craigslist.ca/rds/mcy/3146395951.html going to look at an xs650 this weekend if its still there, fingers crossed
  7. that defines why i'll be cagey about ever buying something nicer than a mid-range car. i dont think i could handle it
  8. its not exactly a set rule. if you weigh 120lbs it may not be a great idea to learn on a 1200, but anyone who is about 150+ would be fine learning on up to about a 750.
  9. I dont know much about private insurance but if your car isnt parked in the city youre insured in with ICBC for a majority of the month, they wont cover you in an accident.
  10. you guys hear about this? washed up on the north coast a few days ago http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/story/2012/05/01/bc-tsunami-motorcycle-owner.html
  11. this isnt my first car, so i know what im getting into. and if i was buying a car based on how fun it is to drive, i probably wouldn't be buying a mazda at all. going fast isnt a priority for me really
  12. it looks like ill be buying this next week, which for my needs is going to be rad. leather, 5spd, decent bose stereo, sunroof, all options as far as i know for the year with the 2.3 engine. my dads buying one of these at the same time, so we're getting a decent deal on the used 3.
  13. 32GNU

    Brothers Trailer

    ya baby. YA BABY!!!!