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  1. Ethan

    Random Photo Discussion

    bruh what's your email?
  2. Ethan

    Some Recent Stuff

    I think that might be his advice for a lot of people.
  3. Ethan

    Random Photo Discussion

    My buddy might have a Stylus, no epic if you'd be into that?
  4. Ethan

    Random Photo Discussion

    Pictures or it didn't happen.
  5. Ethan

    Poi Light Trails

    Kind of thought this was a troll until I went to your Twitter.
  6. Ethan


    Probably shoot cars more than anything lately, series impending if I ever get my stuff together. C&C?
  7. Ethan

    Sp Photodude's Instagrams

  8. Ethan

    Random Photo Discussion

    same Finally got me a Stylus Epic for $5! Still has the "allweather" and "quartzdate" stickers on it but I can't have nice things so I've already ruined the paint job.
  9. Ethan

    Random Photo Discussion

    So this sounds super exciting, except I'm also confused. What's rietveld and what did you go do?!
  10. Ethan

    Random Photo Discussion

    I have no words that don't sound like the complete wrong thing to say, other than R.I.P. Chase
  11. Ethan

    Random Photo Discussion

    Downtown night sessions though!
  12. Ethan

    Random Photo Discussion

    Jeez I'll hit 10 soon too! I am hitting LA soon with some 3200 delta, pretty darned excited. Does anyone know anything about CLA's for Voigtlander's? Calling mrberns?
  13. Ethan

    Driveway Ollie

    You have said that plenty of times to me, and I'm up to a 35mm on a crop body..baby steps I found a lot useful in here, stuff to mull over when I shoot skating again. Lately I haven't been shooting skating hardly at all, I have no flashes and was never very good with them anyways. I feel like I could have a reply to every line, but none of it would make your critique any less accurate haha. I appreciate it though for sure!
  14. Ethan

    Driveway Ollie

    My buddy Conor has been building some crazy contraptions at his place lately. I feel like this looks like garbage, export-wise but I haven't tried much I guess. Critiques welcome on all fronts I just feel like posting something honestly.
  15. Ethan

    Random Photo Discussion

    That looks like the way I need to go too, but my school isn't on the list I really need to get my shit together photo-wise.