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  1. more non skating than skating, more lifestyle shots
  2. m4rvman


    Gold Camp Road in Colorado Springs
  3. Film photography is making a comeback for sure!
  4. Let's get a Nine Club thread going, and talk about who our favorite guests were, and who you'd like to see.
  5. Since Apple Music wasn't as popular as it was when this forum was last up. What are some good new artists you'd like to share?
  6. my instagram is marvinehlers to see a photo
  7. I'm selling a brand new, never used hpx170 xtreme fisheye with support rails. asking for $3000.
  8. I think I saw this on eBay and it sold.
  9. I'm selling my HPX170 setup with Xtreme Fisheye Setup. You get the camera. Xtreme fisheye. 32GB P2 Card. 15mm Support Rails. USED camera bag. Asking for $3500. No Trades. Might be willing to split the camera or lens.
  10. make an offer. I'm looking for around $475 shipped.