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  1. I put up Flow Trash online to download for free at www.cherryonaspoon.com go check it out
  2. Selling copies of my video Home Grown.....I also made Boondoggle and Flow Trash if you've heard of those. Home Grown is $15 and has parts from Jack Olson, Pat Gallaher, Davis Torgerson, CJ Tambornino, David Jaimes, Ian Sherman, David Nelson, Tabari Cook, Kirian Stone, and Dan Coe. The video is 45 minutes long and has 45 minutes of bonus. Watch the promo watch Jacks part buy the video here!
  3. Selling my mk1 because I don't have a vx anymore. Started bidding at $350 or Buy it now for $500 I did a better discription on ebay. http://www.ebay.com/itm/century-optics-mk1-fisheye-with-vx1000-or-vx2000-bayo-ring-/271140039616?pt=Camera_Lenses&hash=item3f2134abc0
  4. Havent posted here forever but I was feelin it. Here's a link to . Go to my channel to see other parts too. If you want to buy the video message me
  5. Fulton

    Nike Chosen Contest Entry

    My youtube account is Fulton7 I post shit all the time. And as far as another Full length we have something new in the works (still no name for it though)
  6. Fulton

    Nike Chosen Contest Entry

    Thanks! and you can embed it from facebook, i dont want to put it on youtube yet because the contest goes by how many views you have on that video. To embed it click the bottom right "Nike Share" then the arrows in the top right corner and it will give you a link
  7. Heres my entry for that Nike chosen contest. I know I know its a Facebook link but it has a couple of new awesome clips in it. Not really looking for a critique just trying to get some more views. LINK Dont be afraid to hit the "Like" button either. It'll better my chances of winning
  8. Fulton

    Foundation Skate Soup

  9. Fulton

    Skatepark Montage

    nobody? damn.
  10. http://vimeo.com/21265503
  11. Buy the video here video ships in just a few days
  12. go to www.flowtrash.com to buy a copy! It ships in 2-3 business days!