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  1. chadwithuhc

    All Ramped Slow Mo Questions Here

    i dont know exactly, but some of the ones were filmed by my friend who doesnt set the shutter speed so it was at 1/60 i imagine, unless it was left on from filming the time before. but one of the clips was at night so im sure that was at 1/60. some of the clips were at higher shutter speeds but it does it on all of them.
  2. chadwithuhc

    All Ramped Slow Mo Questions Here

    just recently i started getting problems with the focus when i ramp. it looks like the video goes in and out of focus every second or so, as it would look if the camera was on autofocus and tryin to focus. but i dont use autofocus so thats not the problem. any ideas anyone? im still back in after effects 5 but ive never had the problem before a few weeks ago.