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  1. garrettbauch

    I'm Moving And Have Wayyy Too Many Shoes. 8.5 - 9.5

    Those are all 9. danggggg i wish you had a smaller foot
  2. I'm moving to Denver next week and I'm trying to consolidate the unnecessary amount of shit I own so I don't have to try and jam it all into my car then drive 1/4 of the way across the country. If you so desire I can gladly take more pictures of a specific shoe but taking multiple pictures of every pair seems like a lot of work if no one's even interested. I'm looking to get anywhere between 30-50 not including shipping for them but the prices can be negotiated. Please ask for further details if something catches your eye. In the rare occurrence you're in the greater Denver area and want something I'll be out there the 21st and would be glad to bring a pair with me to reduce shipping costs.
  3. I'll throw them in my car for ya.
  4. All Shirts XL. If you need any more/better pictures please ask. Throw out any reasonable offer. I kinda want this shit gone. LRG shorts - size 32 Krew regular fit pants 34 Mighty Healthy and Diamond/Heel Bruise collab Diamond/Ace Trucks (back graphic as well) Diamond Diamond Mighty Healthy Diamond Diamond Gold Wheels (Brand new with tags) DGK (Brand new with tags) Mighty Healthy Mighty Healthy Es Mighty Healthy Mighty Healthy Fourstar Diamond Mighty Healthy Fourstar Diamond Fourstar Elm Fourstar Diamond Diamond Diamond
  5. garrettbauch

    I've Got Too Many Shoes And Not Enough Feet

    Team 2's are gone.
  6. garrettbauch

    I've Got Too Many Shoes And Not Enough Feet

    No thanks. I'd take $35 though.
  7. Left top to bottom. Right top to bottom. Blue and yellow blazer lows - Size 8 - 30 Gray and green p-rod 2's (I think) - size 8 - 30 White and red Trapasso's - size 8.5 - 40(worn maybe twice) willing to negotiate a little Blue koston ones - SOLD - too lazy to take a new picture Maroon p-rod 5 - size 9.5 - 35 Black and gray jameson eco - size 8 - 30 (worn once) Black and red reynolds 3 - 40 - (brand new) All black team 2 - size 8.5 - 35 - (worn twice) Buy them? I've also got a pair of brown canvas reynolds 3 that are brand new and a black and purple pair of nike omar salazar's in my trunk that I'm too lazy to go and grab. Both size 9. If anyone needs I can take pictures of those as well. Or if anyone needs and further pictures such as... ya know... the other shoe of any of these please let me know. I will take all needed.
  8. Ill post pics if necessary. Got it as a gift and it's too big for me.
  9. garrettbauch

    Todd Falcon

    Has anyone ever just flat out told this guy he's a kook? I feel like that would benefit him greatly.
  10. garrettbauch

    Fine Skate Clips Thread

  11. garrettbauch

    Fine Skate Clips Thread

  12. garrettbauch

    Fine Skate Clips Thread