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  1. johnmills

    Warm-up Front Board

    Provia...even when non-expired always had a slight magenta cast to it. What ISO did you set your meter to Steve? I thought your Hasselblad was used as a paper weight to stop your food stamps from blowing away these days?
  2. johnmills


    Nick Iuvale, 100% frontside grind over the steps at the God Bowl, Brisbane, Australia December 2015
  3. johnmills


    Are you using an adapter for lenses? Barnes Stinsonian
  4. johnmills

    Not A Joke

    Maybe two or three...
  5. johnmills


    Thanks. At least I know I am not the only one. I only get 1/400th before clipping on a 1Ds Mark II, and I have only ever got it to hypersync 3 times when shooting outside of loading on computer. i am going to buy some Quantum flash heads soon and a 1Dx so maybe it will fix the problem!
  6. johnmills


    I am using the PW Tt system, and I am finding it frustrating! My camera will hypersync one day and then not hypersync the next day I shoot. Does anybody else find this happening?
  7. johnmills

    Don't Call Me Christopher

    Full Frame Fish-eye.
  8. johnmills


    Skater: Tyron Garland Location: God Bowl mini, Brisbane, Australia Trick: Crail air Camera: Canon 5D MK II Lens: Sigma 15mm fisheye
  9. johnmills

    Don't Call Me Christopher

    Chris Murray, Frontside ollie to nose grind at the God Bowl mini, Australia. Camera: 5D MK II Lens: Sigma 15mm ISO: 800
  10. johnmills


    Here you go Mike. Did get one after but was afraid for my life.
  11. johnmills


    Good to see you here old fella!
  12. johnmills


    Hahaha SLC. Tunebomb can we have this troll banned?
  13. johnmills


    The wheel hit me, hurt a tiny bit but not too bad. Got speared in the guts the other week by a guy doing a smith grind.
  14. johnmills


    Al Gibson, Fairffield skate park. Attempted Bean plant to tail ending up to photographers head!
  15. johnmills


    Al Gibson, Fairfield skate park, Brisbane. 1Ds Mark II, Sigma 15mm, ISO 400.