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  1. Charley

    For Those Who Have Bought A Vx1000 Off Ebay?

    Just ask the seller questions. Out of the few I've purchased from eBay, I learned the one I purchased in about 2002/2003ish was used only a handful of times and was originally purchased to shoot golf swings to be analyzed by a program the dude was developing but he had to stop because he and his wife had a kid and then it was only used to film a few holidays and birthdays... that VX was ultra minty. The other one I purchased from eBay, which was sometime after 2013 if I recall correctly, was used by some rich dude to film his orchards from a helicopter and was sold with previously used tapes that were Sony 'Excellence' brand, which from what I researched at the time are supposed to be better than Sony Premiums. The tapes contained footage of trees shot from above which corroborated the orchard story the seller told me. That VX was also in immaculate condition.
  2. Keeping it retro, at least for now. http://charleyfeher.com/
  3. It's comparing standard definition to high definition... apples and oranges. If you prefer HD footage, use an HD setup and vice-versa. I prefer HD and it's generally tapeless workflow so I use an HPX170 with a bayonet Century MK2 designed for some Sony HD camcorder and it works good for what I use it for. (I don't know what camera the MK2 is designed for, so please don't ask. The only thing the lens has on it to indicate which camera it's for is "SONY HD" or something equally vague. I randomly bought it many years ago and it just so happened to fit the HPX.)
  4. I'm flipping birds like, aviary day. I sell that fish scale bigger than Orsen Wales-- Citizen Kane Drug dealers die, death of a salesman. Follow the road yellow, brick not cowardly I move a ton, man Move keys up ninety-five like it's eighty-eight, Mega Drive. 16 bricks. Crack in the streets, off the richter, scales.
  5. Charley

    Pictures Of Skateperception Og's

    "OG as fuck."
  6. Charley

    Hit And Quit?

    Continue being her friend and if hooking up goes down, fuck it. Be very up front about your intentions if sexual stuff does happen (this includes how you feel about her as a friend) and bluntly tell her your concerns with how she carries herself... especially if she tries pulling the "be my boyfriend or else we can't go on" bit. You know about her past trust issues and there are no rules that say two people can't be in a relationship (or close fuck buddies, etc.) without having a title because at the end of the day, a relationship is about trust, mutual understanding and being comfortable with one another.
  7. Charley

    Considering Switching Out The Hvx200?

    The pros of going from an HVX to an HMC40 are that you get a wider fisheye option (Nikon FC-E9... the MK1 is not as wide/distorted as the FC-E9) for a lower price along with the ability to use SD cards for shooting... rather than being limited to the P2 card which you have to manually delete the non-lands whenever the card is full (which is super annoying) and having to sacrifice width/distortion when using a non-Xtreme fisheye. You could also consider an HMC150 which is pretty much an HPX170 that uses SD cards but has slightly crappier low light than the HPX170 due to the lower read/write rate of the SD card. Also with the HMC150 and HPX170, you have the option of using a Sony HDV mount MK2 which doesn't cost as much as an Xtreme but has a width/distortion comparable to the FC-E9 on the HMC40. The HPX170 has the ability to set one of the user buttons to be a "Delete Last Clip" button which allows you to delete the last filmed clip without having to go into the playback menu. I have a 32GB P2 card on my HPX and the few times I have filled it up were after filming a bunch of lines and not transferring the footage during weekend trips. In my "HD journey" of filming skateboarding, I went from a Canon 60D + Generic 8mm fisheye to an HMC40 + FC-E9 and to a HPX170 first with using the Sony HDV mount MK2 and finally getting an Xtreme. Also, the HPX I have has a broken LCD, but that barely holds me back with shooting fisheye although it would be waaaaaay better to have a working LCD when shooting with the Xtreme. So, uh, if you're aching to have a wider fisheye and don't want to deal with having to delete clips in an annoying manner, consider an HMC40 + FC-E9 and step up to another setup later on.
  8. A modded Raynox MX3000 with a 58 to 52mm step ring! Pictures below and more pictures here: http://imgur.com/a/89jxU I modded it with a brand new Sony wide angle and tape + rubber bands... which can be removed. Everything is in excellent condition and was never used. I'm asking for $135 shipped or best offer. I'm super legit.
  9. Maybe holler at the other photogs and file a class action lawsuit? (Or something.)
  10. Charley

    Opteka Sunshade

    there are super tiny screws on the sides of the sunshade (assuming you have one of the screw on 58mm or GL bay Opteka MK2s... but I also assume the other Opteka MK2s are the same) that can be loosened to allow you to twist the bayo or take it off completely. Just loosen the screws and put it on your camera and move the sunshade around until you don't see it in your footage.
  11. Charley

    Vhs Camera Question

    It'll most likely be in color. Test it out on a TV using the RCA video out on the camera while in recording mode (with the TV volume on mute so you don't get feedback from the camera mic) if the camera supports it.