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  1. tstorm


    Wow... haven't been on SP in years.. years and years.. I log in today for the first time and see CloudsHateLife? Brings me back for sure.
  2. tstorm

    Crook Creative

    Great work man, I'm really liking what I see in your portfolio. This is also my first time back here in a while. odd that I stumbled upon this thread as I'm in the exact same boat as you. I recently graduated as well in Graphic Design & Animation. Check out my work at preparethetrees.com if you'd like
  3. tstorm


    Sorry for the late bump. I'm glad you guys like it.
  4. tstorm

    Embed Tumblr Into Website

    I did it once, it's a bit of a pain but not awful.. Tumblr itself has a javascript plugin to use: http://www.tumblr.com/goodies
  5. tstorm


    It's been a while since I've posted here but I thought all you guys might like to check out my senior animation capstone project. It's a short film called Crutch. Do yourself a favor and watch it in HD if you can. Let me know what you think! and feel free to be harsh as it'll probably be going in my online portfolio when thats finished. Created with Illustrator, After Effects, and Soundtrack Pro EDIT: Stupid me forgot to post a link:
  6. Thanks for the reply! Prism actually ended up working as well but I'll check that one out
  7. tstorm

    Intro Question

    ... or just click download sample movie on the right side of the page
  8. So I'm trying to get an old skateshop DVD onto the intertubes. I've used Mac the Ripper to get the DVD ripped onto my computer, but now I've just got all of the DVD files, which YouTube will not accept. Just wondering if you guys know of any good video converting software for the mac before I go and start downloading some random convertors. I've heard good things about Prism but thought I'd get some feedback from everyone here before I jumped in.
  9. hmm. I'll definatly look into that
  10. tstorm

    Alternative To A Sketchbook?

    thats what I do, tape them loose-leafs in
  11. Is it still just $30 to upgrade? and not to sound like a cheap ass.. but is it worth it?
  12. Thanks guys, got it all set. This is me posting from my fresh install. Haha it's nice to have free space on the harddrive again.
  13. tstorm

    I Just Bought An Imac G5

    http://quicksilver.en.softonic.com/mac like i said, it's an app launcher. Also, you'll need to be more specific for people to suggest things.. - are you new to macs in general? - what will you primarily be using the mac for?
  14. tstorm

    I Just Bought An Imac G5

    Well if your looking for general mac advice, I can advise you to download the app Quicksilver. It's a nice little app launcher that made my life a hell of a lot easier and quicker