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  1. 1pjladd2

    P2HD vs AVCHD

    One more aspect, that no one mentioned yet, is that AVCHD is an interframe codec. Which 1) makes any quick movements look muddy due to the way th clips are compressed and 2) will not run as smooth in your editing software, since it needs way more encoding power than intraframe codecs, which the HVX 200 records in.
  2. 1pjladd2

    Need help with gel lighting ideas

    There are endless variations to do this. Let your creativity guide you. Just an example, I did lately: I punched a Par64 1K (VNS) with Full CTB through a window with venetian blinds. Then hazed up the room to make the lightrays become visible. And my keylight was a simple tungsten desk lamp: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jzkwki40qadqi4b/Par_1.10.3.jpg?dl=0 It has probably been done before a million times. But still simple but impressive looking. You can achieve very great effects using gels. You could imitate a campfire, a dirty-green office fluorescent light, a cop car light, sunset, a TV screen, traffic lights, neon signs. Just think of anything that has a colorful light in real life and try to rebuild that effect in your setup.
  3. 1pjladd2

    Alien Workshop "Memory Screen" camera question

    Looks like Super8 mixed with a lot of Hi8/VHS Stuff. Cameras might be affordable nowadays but digitizing might be an effort. Plus Super8 film stock and development has become very costy these days. If you are really after that film look, you might want to consider a digital imitation. Just shoot whatever you want on a digital camera and then use Filmconvert or After Effects to make it look like film.
  4. 1pjladd2

    VX 1000 - Glitchy Footage and Arrow Icon

    Thanks for the enlightenment! So is the tape completly lost?
  5. 1pjladd2

    VX 1000 - Glitchy Footage and Arrow Icon

    This is what the footage looks like. It's a capture of one tape. First half of the tape looks fine, then it progressively gets worse.
  6. Hey folks, I've been to Barcelona last week with a "new" used VX 1K. When I was looking at playbacks via Edit Search the footage looked totally glitchy. After checking the trick, I wasn't able to record. This little arrow icon appeared along with a beeping noise. After this I wasn't even able to do an Edit Search again. Then I popped a new tape in there, filmed a little, checked the footage. But the same problem occured over and over again. So in the end I stopped checking any footage at all. In hope to not damage the tape or cause any more glitches. Yesterday I came back home and tried to capture the footage. It looked horribly glitchy and rendered unusable. I even tried to capture with my VX. But it wouldn't let me do any operations with the tape deck since the arrow icon issue. Any idea how to save those tapes and the footage?
  7. 1pjladd2


    Nope. It was all shot in BMD Film Log.
  8. 1pjladd2

    VX1k - MK1 vignetting aligment

    I just got a "new" VX1000. Just did some test shots with it today. And I recognized that the vignette was pretty off to the left side of the frame. But I rather like my vignette to be centred and even in all corners. Is there a way to adjust or counterbalance this?
  9. 1pjladd2


    I got me my own BMPCC last summer. I really like the color science and what you got inside this little form factor. I like it as a B-roll Camera and it's perfect for styleshots. You definitely need to pair it with a Metabones Speedbooster, to get the best out of this baby. I've got mine paired with the Samyang 8mm. Pretty decent. But I think the Canon 8-15mm is a little wider in the end. Here is a side-by-side comparison: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/mv1evmi20xzzg7k/AAAKAq5ubr1Xd8ZfgQzn_xR9a?dl=0 I will soon put out a skatevideo, that was shot completely on that camera. I shot it over the curse of last summer. Here's a few short clips that will be in that edit (nevermind the sound, sometimes it's with and sometimes without an external mic):
  10. 1pjladd2

    Looking For A New Camera Backpack

    Thanks so much for your recommendations. I want the backpack mainly for two different set-ups. a) VX 1000, MK 1, loads of batteries, tapes, bottle of water, and some accessories DSLR, two to three lenses
  11. 1pjladd2

    Looking For A New Camera Backpack

    Any of you have an advice on what camera backpack to buy these day. I need one with a boardcatcher! Found this one to be pretty decent: http://eu.dakine.com/p/backpacks-and-gear/technical-backpacks/photography/mission-photo-25l-16w
  12. Lately I've been getting into this problem with my Vx 1000 tapes. I hope you guys can help me out with this. There happen to be tapeglitches on my footage. But they're only visible when played back in other cameras than the VX. On the Vx everything looks fine and the sound is alright aswell. It get's complicated when it comes to capturing the footage. I don't want to cause any damage in my Vx by making it my primary capture device. On top of that, those tapeglichtes appear pretty randomly and only when I'm recording with new Mini DV tapes (old tapes are flawlessly recordable and can be captured as before). For example, one tape can be glitchfree, the next only has audio glitches and another one can be totally messed up with image and sound glichtes all over the place. I've tried many things to analyse and solve the problem. But nothing did work out fine yet. Tried running a head cleaning tape, different capture cameras, different tapes (recording them several times). The Sony VX does not even show any error messages while filming. Anyway, I made a short videoclip to demonstrate the problem more detailed. Hope it helps you to understand this malfunction. https://vimeo.com/45637509 I saw a few guys having the same problem with their VX. I guess Sabotageonline's cam is infected as well (you can see these glichtes in his Thanks in advance, Daniel
  13. Filmed in two days. All in one town. Edited in about 3 weeks. Vimeo www.wordupweblog.wordpress.com Hope this gets a few comments, after I got none on this video http://forums.skateperception.com/index.php?showtopic=288968.
  14. Too bad no one comments on this. Put much effort into it.
  15. This is our 5th time joining the King of the Forum competition. Our german of King of the Road. Hope you enjoy. Part 1: http://vimeo.com/30303853 Part 2: http://vimeo.com/30268455