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  1. dishwater63

    R.i.p. Lewis Marnell

    I forgot how sick his cheese and crackers part was. The heelflip bs wallride blew my God damn mind the first time I saw it. Hell, it still does to this day.
  2. I'm doing the standard "write on" effect for some titling, but the writing isn't fluid. The word is somewhat long, "Productions", but not matter how I move the keyframes, there always seems to be a slight delay in the writing. Aside from breaking up the word into smaller pieces to keyframe, do you guys know of any tricks and tips to keep the motion fluid throughout the effect? Hopefully the question makes sense. If not, I'll render an example and post it up. Thanks in advance!
  3. dishwater63

    Sec3 The Final Chapter Full Video

    I bought a vx2k/mkII setup from you like 7 years ago. Today's the first day I've logged onto SP in over a year. Coincidence? haha Anyway, sick vid.
  4. dishwater63

    Mortal Kombat: Legacy

    awesome, glad to see somebody made a thread of this. this shit is fucking great. dishwater63 approved. (i know nobody cares about that, but seriously, it's a great series)
  5. dishwater63

    Portal 2

    i was so fucking stoked for this game to come out, even before they announced a sequel. if anybody is reading this and going "what's a portal 2?" drop whatever it is that you're doing and go get this game. now. you won't regret it. you can even download the original for free from steam. i just started chapter 3, so i got a ways to go, but i'm loving every minute of it.
  6. dishwater63

    The Filming Netjiot

    point taken. i guess it would be something that should be brought up in the post production section. the actual act of filming isn't much different, but how you handle it in post is.
  7. dishwater63

    The Filming Netjiot

    haha, nice, there it is. well maybe me and the rest of sp can picket in front of steve's house for an hd thread. no pitchforks or torches allowed. this is a civil gathering.
  8. dishwater63

    The Filming Netjiot

    no, when i left hd was just barely becoming popular so i figured there would be a thread dedicated to it by now. i remember a while ago, i dunno if it's still around now, but there was a thread that point to other threads about specific cameras and camera discussion. so you would have, say, a thread called "all things HD camera stuff" and then within the first post it would be a link to the "HMC-150" thread and the "FX7" thread or whatever. the only reason i bring this up is because this site helped me so much when i first started filming and i feel as though since hd is quickly becoming the norm, people need help with the transition over from sd to hd. to be honest, really nothing is the same. the form factor, the frame rate, even the file containers are all over the place. having a nice pinned thread as a starting place might be helpful. i really wouldn't mind helping or at least attempting to organize such a thread, but i would definitely need help for you guys, or anybody interested in it. if anybody has any input or ideas, let me know. if anybody thinks i sound like an idiot, let me know that too, haha.
  9. dishwater63

    The Filming Netjiot

    i haven't been on the sp forums in over a year, so please excuse my ignorance, but why isn't there an hd thread or am i an idiot and just can't find it?
  10. dishwater63

    Sony Nex-vg10

    Cool. I'm interested, but I'll have to thing about some things. I'll PM you later with some questions so I don't blow up this thread.
  11. dishwater63

    Skate Videos

    Yeah, nobody ever wants to buy vids on here. stupid question (i'm old, so cut me some slack), but these are all dvd's, right? i'm interested in all of them, but the birdhouse.
  12. dishwater63

    Sony Nex-vg10

    Wow, I haven't logged in sp in months, maybe even a year, and I hopped on just to see if anybody was selling this camera. Weird. Anyway, I got a couple questions about what comes in the final package: How much for the fisheye? You say extra battery, which one? is it the NP-FV100? What kind of 32gb memory card? A pro-hg or a sd? Thanks in advance!
  13. dishwater63

    Google Wave

    still not really sure how to explain this, so you'll probably just have to check the links. it's like another online community/social network, but it's attempting to replace email, IM, blogs, etc. i'm looking forward to it because I've accepted the fact that Google is either the second coming of Jesus or the anti-christ and i'm completely ok with either outcome. If Google had a call to arms, I would be on the frontline waving that big G in the air. http://lifehacker.com/5285944/the-google-wave-highlight-reel http://news.cnet.com/8301-17939_109-10255402-2.html http://wave.google.com/
  14. dishwater63

    Early To Mid 90's Tv Intro Throwback Thread

    fuckin right. can't believe somebody else on here knew what Roundhouse was. my entry: Ahh!!! Real Monsters
  15. dishwater63

    Wwdc 2009

    ha, weird i posted the same thing in AAG, same title too.