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  1. Coalition Films

    New Website

    Hey y'all. It's been a while since I've been 'round these parts but I wanted to let everyone know I did a complete overhaul to my website and wanted to spread the word. http://www.sammuller.com
  2. Coalition Films

    It's All About The Tumblrs Baby.

  3. Coalition Films

    This Photograph Is Not Free

    Off topic a little, but still food for thought: To those of you saying the gear isn't factored into the cost of the photograph, that's untrue. If you ask any photographer (outside of skate photographers) who invoices an ad agency or a magazine for a shoot--they'll charge them for 'gear rental', on top of everything else, even if they own all the gear they used. So yes, that does have a factor in the overall cost of a photograph. That being said, I agree with this guy. He may think a bit highly of his work, but he's hit the nail on the head. Forgive me for bringing back an old topic, but it was fuckin interesting.
  4. Coalition Films

    N Garc

    Nick Garcia, frontside noseblunt slide. Long Beach, CA.
  5. Coalition Films

    Yaje Popson

    Got a few goodies in the TWS Am issue, here's one of Yaje.
  6. Coalition Films

    Street Photo Run Ins

    I think in that situation you try to distance yourself so she doesn't damage more shit, then wait for the cops. When they're there and she's calmed down a little, explain what you were thinking--you were touched by her devotion to her kids or whatever and say that you thought she was worth photographing. Make her feel special and unique, rather than just caving to her ridiculous behavior, people like to feel important. And if she still wasn't having that shit, then yeah, fuck her. Don't ruin your photos because some random lady on the sidewalk is a psycho.
  7. Coalition Films

    Lumedyne Question

    make sure you get a 2400 watt lumedyne head and not an 800 watt one.
  8. Coalition Films

    Add Me/ Critique My Flickr

    who cares what he tags photos with? the point of those is to get views, so why not tag it with everything you can think of? Is there no way to at least pretend to have a little respect?
  9. Coalition Films

    Glasswall Wallride

    fuck yeah dude, real nice.
  10. Coalition Films

    Manderson, Ollie

    Haha I know it's crazy. Every photo you see of him he looks so calm.
  11. Coalition Films

    Manderson, Ollie

    Little bit o' warm-ups.
  12. Coalition Films

    David Bowens

    Switch back tail back to switch.
  13. Coalition Films

    Whos Got A Tweeter

    I took the plunge a few days ago kyle, we can be e-friends on multiple sites now. @sammullerimages
  14. Coalition Films

    Fs: 30mm Cfi

    I'm actually selling my 30mm CFi this time--someone should put it to use rather than it sitting in my house. It comes with the OG hasselblad leather carrying case, the 3 filters, and front/back lens caps (I'll throw in some film as well). It's in great shape, you can ask a few people on here who have seen it (Ryan Spencer, Patrick Driscoll, Jordan Conway, etc.) Im asking for $2950. If you want pictures I'll take em, just ask.