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  1. Just discovered that my Disc Drive is broken on my macbook, great...
  2. Here is where my problem is, once and for all. I have my entire video exported as a MPEG-4 and it looks great, when I put it into compressor or IDVD it makes it look awful. I also have IDVD on my Girlfriends computer so its a hassle switching back and fourth between them. I basically need to burn a bunch of DVDs by this thursday night, best quality, and I cannot figure out how.
  3. ^ Once again, I DO NOT have DVD studio pro and do not have access to it, unless you know a way I can get it.
  4. I'm having all sorts of problems here. I exporting in Compressor to Mpeg-2 with 2-pass and when the video is done, the audio doesn't work, and it continuously freezes and the video doesn't work... any pointers?
  5. Could I also use MPEG streamclip to export to MPEG-2 or do I need to use compressor? The compressor on my macbook sucks.
  6. I got FCP 7 after the fact from a friend, so I do not have DVD studio pro, unfortunately.
  7. I also do not have DVD Studio Pro- I was going to use iDVD... all I have... Is this bad?
  8. Thanks a bunch for the response, what should I do from there?
  9. Hi All- I know this has probably been posted a million times but I don't feel like sifting through thousands of thread pages to find an answer. Basically- I'm finishing up a full length video (filmed all on vx1 mk1) and am wondering the best export settings from FCP 7 to burn onto a DVD, or just the best settings in general. I usually go with standard settings, but have been delving into checking out different opinions when it comes to settings for DVD burnings, now I'm all confused. Please let me know! I'm premiering the video in two weeks and need to get started on this! Thanks a bunch guys. I appreciate it.
  10. Hey man- I am going to PM you now, thanks.
  11. So I brought it to a electronics repair place and they quoted be $250 to fix it. Says its the main mother board and it has to be cleaned, guy said hes worked on tons of VX1's in the past, there was even one there getting fixed while I was there. Does this sounds reasonable? Please let me know. Thanks.
  12. Thanks for the help. I live in NYC and my buddy told me there is an electronics repair place right across the street from Labor Skate Shop. Planning on taking it there at some point this week.
  13. Hey- I know there are prob a ton of threads about this somewhere, but I honestly don't feel like searching through pages and pages to find an answer. I hope someone knows whats up here. Long story short, had my VX for almost two years. Has worked fine. No problems. Over the past few weeks or so, right when I turn it on, its all glitchy with crazy blue and green and purple colors. It last for a few minutes, then goes away. My friend suggested tapping the side of it, which I did, and it helped for the picture to go normal. This happened a bunch lately, and the other day, it just went completely crazy, and is now permanently fucked up, with CRAZY colors going on inside the thing. I tapped it a bunch and let it rest, repeated... but nothing. Its blue, yellow, green, white... you name it... Is this a torn ribbon cable? Like I said, I have never had ANY issues until just now. I'm bummed to think my VX days are over, I want to try to get it fixed, but want to get to the root of the problem. Any help/tips/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.
  14. gregg

    Advice For New Dslr User

    Hi- I am currently in the market for a DSLR or HD camera. I figured I'd post here rather than look up another forum somewhere. I've been using SkatePerception for years and trust everyone here. Anywho- I just sold a VX2 and am looking to use that $ to put towards an HD camera. I am looking for something somewhat cheap and reliable (obviously). I am not going to only use this for skating, I will probably use it more for other video project and jobs. I know a little about Nikon and Canon DSLRs, but not much. Any info/insight into something I should look into? I'm not that up to date with this stuff, and am just looking for some help before I purchase. Thanks.