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  1. dark14cs

    Hipsters Suck

    They suck. Don't talk to them. Problem solved
  2. dark14cs

    What Should I Do?

    I've been struggling with this problem for the last 5 years of my life. There'll always be time for skateboarding . either weekends or pre/post work. Don't tailor your life around your favourite activity you'll end up forgetting about your life goals. If you absolutely want or feel like its something you must do then ask for a reference from your employer (or letter of recommendation) and search for a morning hours job. Tell your boss what you're planning , he might hook you up with one of his acquaintances. In my case I get off work at 2pm and skate the rest of the time. Sitting around all summer waiting to do things isn't the way to live. Trust me.
  3. dark14cs

    What Should I Do?

    Don't quit , ask for morning hours. If you get off work at 3-4-5pm everyday you still have 3-4hours of skating time. If you can't get morning hours suck it up and skate when you can. Or find a job with more convenient hours. There's always a an easy way out but don't take it. You'll always regret it
  4. dark14cs


    Swag is the new "sick" Dude , that frontside nose was so swaaaaaaaag
  5. ohehprod is absolutely right. It's not like you can make the argument that Canada couldn't sustain itself. Doesn't the US import like 350billion a year from China , up from 100billion in 2001 read: http://www.uschina.org/statistics/tradetable.html
  6. dark14cs

    Qu'est-ce Que T'ecoute

  7. dark14cs

    Since Day One

    Bad music , bad editing , insane skating. Felt like I was watching a zero video. Perelson and hardy had best parts. Busenitz was great too but not as amazing as Id hoped.
  8. dark14cs

    Since Day One

    what tricks/part was he stoked on?
  9. dark14cs

    Since Day One

    We went to premieres