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  1. George & Walts by Ryan D Thomas, on Flickr Tree in the Canyons by Ryan D Thomas, on Flickr Silhouettes by Ryan D Thomas, on Flickr
  2. Ryan

    Ca Coast Mf

    Got a bunch more coming from here...some from utah...should be fun.
  3. Ryan

    Different Stuff

    Less landscapes, more other stuff. Kids by Ryan D Thomas, on Flickr Snowball fight by Ryan D Thomas, on Flickr DC by Ryan D Thomas, on Flickr Man. I'm running out of pictures...Gotta start taking more or something. Forgot how fun this is.
  4. Ryan

    3 More

    Agreed, I don't like that tree. Thanks for the feedback man, appreciate it.
  5. Ryan

    3 More

    Thanks for the ideas. I definitely see what you mean about the two different subjects, I'll try losing the bench and see what happens. I don't think a lens hood would have helped though, the sun is super right down the bore and even trying to flag my lens I couldn't get anything. Are you not a fan of the lens flare? I feel like it helps the mood of the photo quite a bit. I could see how the lens flare could detract from the subject though. Maybe just some clone stamping and burning to tone it down. I have like 8 other pictures of the second one, I'll post those in a bit and see what you guys think. I just don't understand why the lake would be the subject though...I feel like the lake and stream leading to it are all there to help guide your eye to the mountain. Maybe a little burning would make that more clear though.
  6. Ryan

    3 More

    Silhouettes by Ryan D Thomas, on Flickr River by Ryan D Thomas, on Flickr Benches by Ryan D Thomas, on Flickr
  7. Ryan


    I feel like the 2nd one would be great if you got rid of the light on the left, so it was just that big cluster on the right. Has a good minimalist sort of feel though, I dig it.
  8. Ryan

    Dog View

    You should try getting rid of it. That'd be very easy to clone stamp out.
  9. Ryan


    I posted this in another thread I put up a while ago, but here it is again. Also, I've been using some high-pass sharpening and masking off the sky and other areas that just become noise ridden with the sharpening. I've had a lot of good luck with really making photos pop with that technique. If you need some help getting the luminance masks going I can give you some tips if you PM me or something. Thanks for the kind words so far.
  10. Ryan


    Death Valley by Ryan D Thomas, on Flickr Mono Lake by Ryan D Thomas, on Flickr Donnel Overlook by Ryan D Thomas, on Flickr
  11. Ryan


    I don't know if I really like this as a diptych....Maybe just because one is horizontal and the other is vertical? No clue. Did you have any sort of lighting in these? I feel like the first looks a little strange in that respect. I really do enjoy the 2nd, you look at it and immediately feel disoriented. There's so much movement to it it almost looks like it's an animated gif. Good work.
  12. Ryan


    The first is so great, it's a really good example of a time when you don't really need a true black in your frame. Definitely plays very well to your favor. The only problem is I feel like all that empty space up there is necessary, but it really detracts from the subject. You sort of look around the picture for a while and then you see the person and you're like, oh...wow. Maybe just placing a mask over the top half with a gradient that brings the whites down a little bit could help to focus your eyes further down the picture. The second one is also super close, but I feel like it's another instance of the misplaced contrast. I feel like you probably want us to look at the grave that's being so heavily backlit. Our eyes naturally go to where there is the most contrast in the picture, and there's quite a bit between the sky and the tree on the top left. Again, just try a little mask to either bring down the highlights or bring up the blacks a little. I'm sure it'll make quite the difference. The third one I just feel like the frame is a bit too crowded with stuff, I don't know where to look exactly...It would have been great if you could of isolated that first grave against something, but I don't know how possible that would have been.
  13. Ryan

    A Few More Landscapes

    Yeah, I just tried some this time around, we'll see how I like it.
  14. Ryan

    Death Valley

    Good point, I can definitely see that now...took a while.
  15. Ryan

    A Few More Landscapes

    No problem, send me a message when you do, I want to see how other people use it and their results. All of these were shot with the RB67 with a 65mm.