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  1. beartown

    The Flat Earth Video

    I watched the trailer 15 seconds in, and shut it off. In theory Steve's pros make me really want to watch it, but in practice I can do no such thing.
  2. I'm in Norway and pretty much done filming, stuff is really hard to get shipped here. My DVX100 just broke down and I want something SD and more portable, and really liked my DVC30 setup. No serious filming takes place anymore for this old man. If anyone has one and wants to sell give me a holla. Maybe someone has something sitting around and unused.
  3. beartown

    Dog Appreciation

    nice dog ^
  4. Hello, I have a dog. She is 96 pounds and a St. Bernard puppy. I don't know what I'm doing with these pictures. Any new dogs?
  5. Steve always has to outwise everyone else. And why would anyone want to think logically like that?
  6. SP BIRDWOLF TOUR 2018!!!!!! JK I'd like to stick around especially since I don't have facebook anymore. Good to see everyone who has posted. This is both overwhelming me with nostalgia and terrifying me to the core with the thought of reading my previous posts.
  7. the guy clearly has a nuance for the sword, I hate to take this political but with the new supreme court ruling I'm firous. I'm pretty sure it's obama's fault that people are doing this nowasdays because I'm paying for their healthcare so there is no incentive to take care of yourself without the incentive of working hard and earning a healthcare.
  8. balance like a cat
  9. beartown

    James Martin - 37 Stair 5050

    Is that a T-Bone Olson style kicker to rail?
  10. beartown

    Trust - Bronze

    Most pretentious/condescending post of 2015? I have no clue who anyone is in that video but I enjoyed parts of it. Better leave that shit to the elites. Also, pretty sure I went to a Bronze premiere in 2013 with Baz and Bauer and maybe some other fools. Half of the audience were skateboarders. The other half was weird blog kids who were seriously working on their no complies in camo pants.
  11. beartown

    Youtube Pros

    With something like this there are the two washed up standard responses. 1: You don't like it? I'd like to see you do better! This one never made any sense to me as I don't get how not liking something has anything to do with your specific skill set. I don't like mcdonalds, but I sure as hell couldn't make a terrible burger out of who knows what and still sell it to over a billion people. 2: You don't like it? Don't watch it! Although this has a little more merit than the previous one, it doesn't have much. When you think about any sport, such as skateboarding, as the jenkem article slowly covered, there is culture and traditions and norms all wrapped up in it. People grow up in different places, skate differently, like different things (even if they can't do better). Trends pop up here and there and skateboarders are becoming more of what they can sell than how well they actually skate. The problem is, is that sometimes there are things that you don't like that start to infiltrate and take over your perception of what skateboarding "should be." I don't like Nike's involvement in skateboarding for a number of reasons but I can hardly just avoid the influence they have on skateboarding by simply not buying their shoes. It's unavoidable. Just as these internet dudes are unavoidable. How to deal with it is one thing, I personally don't have a preference for any of them, I don't know who most of them are. But that Chris Chann guy I know who he is for playing a terrible game of skate with Bastien. Poor sport. Anyways, I don't see this as mainstream skateboarding, one of the byproducts. If people want to 1080 flip onto rails then that's their problem. But as it infiltrates and becomes wider spread it becomes mine.
  12. I voted for the beast named kevin horn.
  13. beartown

    Who Is This Niqqa?

  14. beartown

    Who Is This Niqqa?

    that skit at the end made me lol like none before