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  1. ACSlater

    half hand

    give it a half hand lol
  2. That would be so sick if Thomas really was working on some secret government alien/area 51 shit...
  3. ACSlater

    Waiting For The Man

    hahahahaaha WFTManBUSTERS!
  4. Dude, this shit got nostalgic REAL FUCKIN' QUICK! Love it!
  5. ACSlater

    Waiting For The Man

    Are you ColoradoLOVE? AKA Sups?
  6. Hahaha I remember the dick hot dog guy....and that bitch paiges nudes....whatever happened to coloradoLOVE?
  7. YEAH! It was Joe23. Ha, ha. What a fag.
  8. Wasn't BulletPimp the one who had his camera fucked up and said, "YOU STUPIDITTYYYYYYY!" Lol. Fag.
  9. Whatever happened to Pierre?
  10. Ha, ha. At least FLstrange is still here...
  11. What the hell happened to this forum? It used to be so poppin' that you couldn't keep up with the posts. Now it's like a fucking ghost town... I used to love this place.
  12. SkatePerception legend here, ACSlater. I've been doin' my thing. Skating, music, and skrate up partying. Good to see some of the old heads in here. I'm back, and with a vengeance. Oh yeah, Ladytron- bluejeans. -FIN-