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  1. What the hell happened to this forum? It used to be so poppin' that you couldn't keep up with the posts. Now it's like a fucking ghost town... I used to love this place.
  2. Wasn't BulletPimp the one who had his camera fucked up and said, "YOU STUPIDITTYYYYYYY!" Lol. Fag.
  3. Whatever happened to Pierre?
  4. Ha, ha. At least FLstrange is still here...
  5. SkatePerception legend here, ACSlater. I've been doin' my thing. Skating, music, and skrate up partying. Good to see some of the old heads in here. I'm back, and with a vengeance. Oh yeah, Ladytron- bluejeans. -FIN-
  6. music You make

    And Dkn your shits really good man. Keep going with it bro
  7. music You make

    Random Bars
  8. music You make

    Ringtone I made Lol
  9. If this is legit, everything I say has to be in red.
  10. Jokes

    Jesus is hanging on the cross, and peter is standing in the crowd watching him. Jesus calls to him "Peter! Come to me!" and Peter runs forward. The Romans beat him mercilessly with their spears and throw him back. Again, Jesus cries out "Peter! Come to your savior!" and Peter rushes forward, to again be pounded silly by bored roman guards. dazed, he hears Jesus call him once more and surges through the guards, filled with holy strength. "Yes my lord! What do you need o son of god?!!" he cries, not feeling the horrible wounds covering his body from the multiple savage beatings. And Jesus spake: "Peter...I can see your house from here."
  11. Lil B New Album

    why do I keep hearing about this guy? How is he even relevant? He is the worst thing I've ever heard.
  12. This guy. This fuckin' guy. Your William Shatner is dead on, Sir...
  13. Libya Is A Free Country

    i readt the title of this topic and thought thehighlife before i even realized you made it
  14. Legal Harddrugz

    This is the most educated post in the thread.
  15. the grenade joke about whitney cummings was good tho
  16. I should be a MOD, not BulletPimp So I SAY AC FOR MOD
  17. aight im down with that, we can each be co-mods? ehhh AC AND JACKSONVILLAIN FOR MOD OR DIE
  18. "your" Music (any Genre)

    I Don't see how you people are sleepin' on this guy... A lil' mainstream but ill wordplay/puchlines Use some ill beats though...
  19. anything with john motta pjs wonderful horrible life harsh euro barge
  20. Jersey Shore

    thats the point you idiot... you're supposed to watch it and BE ALL LIKE " OMFG THEYRE SO DUMB,IM WAY BETTER THAN THEM... but in all seriousness, CABS ARE HEYAH
  21. N.e.t.j.i.o.t.

    My God, seeing these posts back to back made my fucking day. Take that, nickdesklamps