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  1. Dvds only $5. Order here: http://shortchangevideo.bigcartel.com/
  2. here's some leftover footage and guest tricks from the part!
  3. delaburger

    Poop N Pee Promo

    buy this! the want to skate factor after watching is very high, buncha fun extras too.
  4. Put together Eric's Welcome part for Paradise Wheel Company.
  5. full video in the details!
  6. My new video Short Change, filmed in Illinois and surrounding states, starring Eric Thomas, Brian Mangerson, Andy Patterson and Many More. Enjoy!
  7. delaburger

    Short Change Teaser

    thanks! set up is vx2100 and mk1
  8. Teaser for my new flick! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xWG5jO81FWk&feature=g-upl
  9. Brians part in SOMETHING COOL
  10. Thomas and friends in Something Cool. BUY VIDEO HERE!!!
  11. Corys part and friends section in SOMETHING COOL. BUY VIDEO HERE!
  12. delaburger

    Brendan Duffy- Something Cool

    haha i was there yesterday too, hope you enjoyed it!
  13. delaburger

    Kevin Braun Welcome To Fa Skateshop!

    so awesome, love that song and the filming was great. only lil critiques i have is that some clips ran a lil long before and after the trick happens. the front tail on wubba and bs smith on that ten stick out the most. also it might just be a personal preference but if a spot is in a part more then once those tricks should be back to back (i.e walgreens gap). anyways, its to sick kevin getting better and better,i can't wait to see what you guys got planned for this year.
  14. delaburger

    Brendan Duffy- Something Cool

    thanks! they should still have a couple or message me and we can work something out!