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  1. evan corl

    Breaking Bad Season 5

    Eh, I don't know. I could have gone without the flashback. Seems like it was thrown in to clarify for those who don't keep up with the show, which I thought was weak. I just love a good moment of clarity from Dean Norris. Reminded me of when he gets the call from Marie in "Sunset."
  2. evan corl

    Breaking Bad Season 5

    Walt ditched the cigarette, but he hid the ricin behind an electrical outlet in his bedroom. I'm sure it'll be another instance of Chekhov's gun. Waiting for the last half of Season 5 is gonna be brutal, but probably worth it. I'd rather the writers get plenty of time so it's not half-assed.
  3. evan corl

    Netjiot V2

    Hey, guys. What have I missed?
  4. evan corl

    The Office

    It's not even because Michael's gone. The show has been going downhill for a while now. I mean, it's still good, and I watch it regularly, but it's a completely different show than what it was four years ago. This sums it up nicely: 10 Reasons Why "The Office" Sucks Now To add to the list: 11. Kevin's character completely changed. He used to be that realistic fat guy in the office who was quiet, nervous, and inadequate. Now he is an outspoken, full-blown retard. 12. Not enough Creed. This is just embarrassing...
  5. evan corl

    Mcdonalds Beatdown

    That's what you get when you order the McIntosh.

  7. yeah man, but i'm thinking about quitting the exporting and focusing in on the importing

  8. commenting me back one year later eh?


  9. maybe the day the ocean runs out of shrimp

  10. evan corl


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