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  1. I've got a good commuter that I need to sell to finish paying off my BMW. Mechanically there are no problems with the car. Cosmetically there are just a couple of minor ones like door dings. I'll provide pictures if someone really needs them but for the most part the walk-around video in the Craigslist seems to do a decent job. I am not willing to go any lower on the price at all. I am listing it on here to get the car sold and that is the minimum price I will accept. Sorry guys but it's worth more most people are just scared of the miles so I compensated and did the haggling for you. Here is the craigslist ad: http://columbiamo.craigslist.org/cto/1816317007.html
  2. TylerW

    My New Website

    Look.. it's bad. But that's okay. You start somewhere and chances are if you keep working at it your result is going to improve. Some resources for you as a new designer/developer: http://www.smashingmagazine.com http://www.designmeltdown.com http://www.sitepoint.com http://www.1stwebdesigner.com and for a little added inspiration check out the contests on http://www.99designs.com If you like it and stick with it you'll improve. If not... you wont. http://www.tylerwillingham.com
  3. I'll do it, but I'll be charging $100. I really don't feel comfortable charging less for my services. http://www.tylerwillingham.com
  4. TylerW

    Need A Page Designed

    Have him contact me. My information is at http://www.tylerwillingham.com
  5. TylerW

    D80 Has To Go.

    510 shipped sound ok?
  6. they'll have to open it up and replace the battery.
  7. TylerW

    D80 Has To Go.

    yeah i'll likely do that. i'm not necessarily in a rush to sell this, i have until mid-july before i want to have it gone. but i'll contact you sometime in the next few days
  8. TylerW

    D80 Has To Go.

    bump. i will split for the right prices. the only thing i cannot split is the battery grip from the body.
  9. TylerW

    D80 Has To Go.

    I'll update probably tomorrow with pics.
  10. TylerW

    D80 Has To Go.

    its mint. current offer is $60
  11. TylerW

    D80 Has To Go.

    how much?
  12. TylerW

    D80 Has To Go.

    Will throw in a 285hv for $750 shipped
  13. TylerW

    D80 Has To Go.

    No offers. I know today is pay day for some of you
  14. TylerW

    D80 Has To Go.

    Nikon D80 with MB-D80 battery grip, Nikon 50mm 1.8d, and Sigma 24-60mm 2.8. All selling together, $720 shipped. Help me buy my Dodge Stealth by picking this shit up.
  15. TylerW

    Need A Website Made

    If you're still interested, I'm still available. Shoot me an email or give me a call. twillingham@36tec.com 573.87-36TEC 573.355.9768 - Direct office line You can also send a text message to the company line, say who you are and I will be sure to address you.