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  1. This video is pretty good. Pleasantly surprised by marcus mcbrides and stevies part, and marquise henrys part is the shit. Its cool to still see a major company video filmed on a VX1. The skits get old very quickly though, and you cant skip right over them on the dvd.
  2. DGK

    Old Sony Premiums

    New generation sucks
  3. DGK

    Iphone 4/4s

  4. DGK

    Filming Vx1000 Style Videos With A Dslr

    I prefer the close, sparatic filming style of colin read, ryan garshell, and yoan thaillander over anything else.
  5. DGK

    Tips For Filming With A Vx1/mk1

    Theres the answer for ya fellas
  6. DGK

    Iphone 4/4s

    Trying to get a cheap iPhone 4/4s for verizon. Lemme know anything.
  7. I remember this, don't know where you could find that video.
  8. DGK

    Filmer Board

    I have both. My 'filming' board is a 8.5 cruiser shape with some 70mm wheels and some ghetto rigged trucks. Since i skate more than I film it is mainly for getting around town / going to the store.
  9. I dont know why everone doesn't get a sweet tea at McDonalds instead of the small cup for extra money. Even if you dont like sweet tea just pour it out and get something else from the fountain.
  10. DGK

    Best Version?

    Ill use 6.5 til the day i die.
  11. DGK

    Filming With The Homies

    Let them skate how they want and film what they wanna film. Its good to push them and motivate but dont be that dumbass telling everyone to do dumbass shit. If you really want them to do shit then make bets or offer rewards like food or beer
  12. DGK

    Vx1K Vs Vx2K Vs Trv Setup Vs Other?

    you ride a scooter.