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  1. Curtis.

    Kickflip Jersey

    In the future make sure you post this in "The Gallery". This section is primarily for discussion and not critiques. (I'd move it there but I can't figure it out on this new layout)
  2. Curtis.

    Welcome Back Everybody.

    I was shooting fisheye about a foot away from a board on a gap to ledge. He slipped out and his board shot right into my camera splitting the fisheye and camera in half. Half the fisheye stayed in my camera as it rolled one way down the street and the other half of the fisheye rolled the other way.
  3. Curtis.

    fs 180, tail drop and bs air

    That wallie could really benefit from getting closer and lower. I see what you're trying to do with getting that car in the frame to provide some depth to the composition but it only serves as a distraction. Same with that car behind him. I would have got low and isolated him on that clean white wall to make him pop.
  4. Curtis.

    Welcome Back Everybody.

    Can't remember the last time I did this so I'll just post my favorite photo from the past 6 years since I last was posting on here. This one was my first cover and was an insane battle to watch. I had broke my camera in half the night before and had somehow managed to get it put back together for $150 the same day I dropped it off. *feeling lucky* Hugo Balek, No Comply. San Francisco, CA. And I guess a bonus one to make up for lost time. Johnny Purcell, crook pop over. Halifax, NS.
  5. text me back you strange, isolated chicken farmer (miss you). You still use this don't you?
  6. Curtis.

    The New SPPhotoDudes Instagram Hype Train

    Mine has been the same forever. http://instagram.com/curtisrothney
  7. Glad to be back gentlemen.
  8. Curtis.

    Random Photo Discussion

    Wow. Hey guys. Been a damn long time.
  9. Curtis.

    Random Photo Discussion

    Good to see you guys are still alive. Been a while.
  10. Curtis.

    Any Photographers On Tumblr?

  11. Curtis.

    Solo Jazz

  12. Curtis.

    Random Photo Discussion

    Let's just be reminded of this moment in SP history, Bonus shout outs to Heikkila for the clip. This one was for you guys:
  13. Curtis.

    Photographers Can Shred Too!

    Oh, he's getting a box.
  14. Curtis.

    Random Photo Discussion

    Get Lightroom, if for anything, to organize your work. Spend a little bit of time figuring it out and you'll thank yourself later. If you're not completely stupid you'll pick up on the "develop" part of Lightroom pretty fast if you're already using PS.
  15. Curtis.

    Sp Photographer Montage V2 2012