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  1. jay.

    new Opteka deathlens lookalike brand

    I emailed them about it. They have some clips on their youtube channel but the quality is absolute dog shit. Im very curious tho. Would be nice to have something better than the opteka and cheaper than an mk1. Id love to get an mk1 but thats just not possible on my student budget and optekas are pretty terrible 😕 Ill update this if they respond to me Edit: Pretty sure they arent going to respond. Edit:Edit: They responded lol will keep the 3 ppl that lurk this place posted
  2. jay.

    Mixing VX1/2 footy

    Theres vx21 and vx1k in here. Tell me which clips are which. Some of you filmers/sk8nerds will know but most people wont be able to tell the difference. I think youre overthinking it. Or you could do what I do and call your video a mixtape so you can get away with more ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. jay.

    Mixing VX1/2 footy

    add fake vig on 2/.1k footy or just put it together like every video from 2000-2014. Most ppl arent going to notice or care. Especially for a park edit
  4. post a thread on slap (i c u) and tell the film/photo/not retards to come back.
  5. Okay, well.. Take it down Steve.. Shes dead.
  6. jay.

    opteka baby death modification for phones

    gonna have to space it out an obnoxious amount
  7. jay.

    A Decade L8r

    Finally sent out a bunch of rolls to be processed so heres a few. First is c41, 2nd and 3rd e6. I dont have ps so no cc. It was cool as hell getting all these old photos back but I will never wait that long to have film processed again lol e by Jentry Bain, on Flickr e by Jentry Bain, on Flickr r by Jentry Bain, on Flickr
  8. Deleted my last thread because Im an anxious turd. New summer vid. Filmed from April to October. All Wyoming dudes with the exception of Chris (IL Transplant). Filmed mostly by me except for a few clips and obviously my part. This is the first time Ive done anything of this length. Critiques welcome on anything.
  9. Just looked up Batard and yeah, dudes sick lol I totally get teh homie cam thing man. Im from a small town in Wyoming and its basically a crew of four of us. Some of them (roughly three) are struggling to improve with their filming lol some are better at long lens, some better at fisheye so at least theres that. Keep having fun!
  10. jay.

    Veer Dvd’s

    Saw your name on ig and thought it looked familiar. Good shit. Just copped.
  11. vig irl? I know nothing about any new hd cam but this setup seems ideal. 4:3 hd w/ vig and decent sound ❤️
  12. Just a personal thing but I would avoid filming like the line at 2:34 and 3:20. Is that style of filming is a French thing? Thrasher just posted that Remi vx edit from France and I couldnt make it past the first song because the filming was so bad. It is possible to be too dynamic. Just an opinion tho. Lots of lines and lots of ledges. Very jealous of that lol Im only 6min in and gotta go to work but ill finish the vid later today EDIT: I like your long lens stuff much more than your fisheye. Work on keeping steady and always keeping the board in the frame. That being said I noticed in the credits you say it was a lot of homie cam and I know how that can go lol I was kinda hyped to hear Conan but wasnt sure if it fit. Ya know? Enjoyed the vid tho dude. lots of good skating too!
  13. No I fucking dont LOL STAY LAZY DONT BACK UP UR SHIT