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  1. Anyone got the vid of bpimp throwing the peach?
  2. x

    earth --> ________________________
  3. I didnt forget about your fs shuv! I just didnt want to end the edit with myself having ender and that clip is dank lol did it on a broken board in the middle of the night.
  4. In the church parking lot lol I had forgot all about that
  5. Schools got me depressed as shit so smonked all the wheat and played with some used footage. Some dkn clips in the mix too
  6. Do you wipe from top to bottom or from bottom to top?
  7. A place for skateboarding. Parts, photos, pros, ams, yourself, your friends, randumb sk8 discussion, etc. Louie B is the GOAT and this Nestor part might be my fav part ever (ollie up the steps, tre flip flat, no push, nollie flip down <333).
  8. One time on irc I talked to someone about flossing. Cant remember who but the convo lasted for like 20min and iirc it made Jordan leave the chat
  9. My turbo e30 has been sitting since 2013. Ive been trying to give it to my brother and uncle for like a year and I think theyre finally going to take it. Shortly after finishing the build I realized that all I really wanna do is ride my skateboard so I said fuck wasting time and money on a car. My volvo 850 is still the greatest dd that ive ever owned and i fucking love that thing.
  10. @dkn lol you can fuckin @ people now thats dankooooo but ye, Ive got footy that I would donate to the cause. Actually most of the footage I have is technically unused because the only people that watch any of our edits are the people in the edits. so..
  11. Good shit. Booze is s8n irl Im so fucking burnt with this school shit.. Finna fail out in my senior year
  12. SP montage would be harder these days since some people film HD and some SD. And mixing 4:3 and 16:9 footage looks so gross.. Could separate it with two songs i guess. Either way, make the thread, start the discussion. I back it.