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  1. @dkn lol you can fuckin @ people now thats dankooooo but ye, Ive got footy that I would donate to the cause. Actually most of the footage I have is technically unused because the only people that watch any of our edits are the people in the edits. so..
  2. Good shit. Booze is s8n irl Im so fucking burnt with this school shit.. Finna fail out in my senior year
  3. SP montage would be harder these days since some people film HD and some SD. And mixing 4:3 and 16:9 footage looks so gross.. Could separate it with two songs i guess. Either way, make the thread, start the discussion. I back it.
  4. How To 4:3 Hd?

    I did lol nine times out of ten 16:9 footage looks like shit to me. Plus it really is just skateboarding.. But we dont really take anything serious here
  5. Yeah, both times. Once skating the rec center rail in casper (fell in the wet grass and slipped out crazy fast) and then last weekend at the laramie park. Hit a puddle, slipped and slammed into the transition. So like my body hit the transition but my chin caught the deck of the qp. Pretty solid start to the year.
  6. I hit my face last weekend (second time this year lol) and blew a hole in my chin. I superglued it and now my chin has blobs of glue and a bunch of patchy hair thats shaved to different lengths. swaggy
  7. The Flat Earth Video

    The video sucked without a doubt. but is it worse than we are blood? i vote no.
  8. I feel like every HD fisheye clip is either going to chop heads or have a ton of wasted space on both side of the skater. Just out of curiosity, do most of those new HD cams have the option to film 4:3?
  9. Random Photo Discussion

    Ive got like 9 rolls of 35mm and 2 220 rolls I need developed. c41, slide, and bw. Where should I send them? The price of developing is insane.
  10. I just switched back to SD from a t3i setup. The t3i was cool but its pretty annoying to film with. I love the simplicity of filming with a vx. Pull it out of the bag, set colors, maybe twist on a fisheye and thats it. I fucking HATE carrying a handle around. The set up time with the t3i is so much longer. Screw it to the handle, change the lens, mount a light if need be, change batteries every 45 min, etc. Shit sucks. Importing footage is easier tho. I got bored of the t3i and hated filming long lens with it. This summer I picked up a vx2100 and mk2 for $300 (mk2 was in bad shape) then bought an opteka fisheye for like $130. Filming is fun again and I have vig so im happy.
  11. Fuck this hit me hard... Anyway, I just noticed you cant see who liked your post and you cant like your own posts anymore.. I dont back that. EDIT: You can see why youve been banned lol I back it
  12. Skateboarding looks best in 4:3 and that's just a straight up fact. I saw a new mk2(?) that boys of summer posted on their ig awhile back. Has vig and I think it's ~$800.
  13. Florida

    Did you meet that Mason kid when he lived in Casper? He's been living in Orlando for like 2 years now. I can shoot you his info if ya want.
  14. If you'll fund a trip to find the edge of the world I'll document it for free.