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  1. jay.

    VX1000 history.

  2. nvm. used the roto thang
  3. Ive got a clip where the sky is completely blown out and id like to insert a separate clip in the blown out area. I just got after effects like two weeks ago so Im very new with it. Ive tried using different keying effects and they work okay but I do end up with a white highlight around the skater and the background clip also shows up in different areas of the foreground clip. Ive been told to try and motion track the skater and overlay the clips so Im trying that now. If anyone has a better way or knows a way of doing this id appreciate the help.
  4. Ive used the feather option in the keying effect. Is that what you guys are talm bout?
  5. jay.

    The Filming Netjiot

    Where can I find a new front element for an mk2?
  6. I have always said your username as NY Clurker
  7. The year is 2033 G00by meets a lady g00b G00by makes philosophical thread on sp G00by says, "Jay u wuz rite" Jay responds, "I fukkn atodaso"
  8. No, it was just that good. I met so many bomb ass skateboarders because of this place, learned about filming and photo shit. I even moved to NYC because of connections made here.
  9. A place for skateboarding. Parts, photos, pros, ams, yourself, your friends, randumb sk8 discussion, etc. Louie B is the GOAT and this Nestor part might be my fav part ever (ollie up the steps, tre flip flat, no push, nollie flip down <333).
  10. On the bright side, sp is nowhere near as bad as the slap forums. That place fucking sucks
  11. w'sup with this?
  12. Only here to thank you for doing 4:3.
  13. Tried to watch it but etnie's has no idea how to make a video.
  14. jay.

    The Filming Netjiot

    I use a mini trekker. At one point I had my vx, death lens, light, pentax 35mm, canon t3i and two lenses for it in there.
  15. Dudes footage sucks
  16. is he a good skateboarder?
  17. jay.


    Is this big pun elliott?
  18. How is it that people are complaining about bpimp and joe (both solid members) but riseagainst and the dick hotdog bun guy havent been mentioned? Who was the dude we ousted from aag a few years back? FL, do you remember?
  19. trash edit i miss skateboarding
  20. Anyone got the vid of bpimp throwing the peach?
  21. jay.


    earth --> ________________________