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  1. Ztils

    Cannon Optura 10

    I just used it as a capture cam, it works fine but i dont have a charger for it. looking for like 100 shipped in Canada or 100 plus shipping to anywhere outside of Canada pm for pictures
  2. Ztils

    Letus 35mm Adapter And Rode Video Mic

    300 for the letus 150 for the mic
  3. I have two things for sale, 1. Letus 35mm adapter, this model is light weight so there is no need for rods. I bought it off doyle a while ago it comes with a Canon 50mm f1.4, thread size is 58mm but i use a step down ring to make it 72 to fit on a dvx when i had one. I dont know how much I want for this, so offer up. (will get pics if someone's interested) 2. Rode VideoMic. Comes with orginal box plus some accessories, ones a adapter to plug it into a xlr input, another is a cord so you can use it with a boom pole. (will get pics if someones interested) Offer away on these. Aim- tilsonHYPE
  4. max bayko!!! + second angle
  5. Ztils

    Max Bayko Is Amazing

    just started taking photos let me know what you think
  6. Ztils

    Night Exposure

    I just started shooting, let me know what you think 1 2
  7. bump comon' ill sell for 900 US
  8. Okay, Im selling this so cheap because I need money asap..Im buying a SUV on the 28 and need some cash. DVX100p has 300ish hours on it. I want 950 shipped for it. Nothing wrong with it if you want footy heres some. (sorry for youtube quality) . Im not at home, but ill upload some tag pictures around 6pm eastern. Im sorry but no trades. I need this gone fast. If you buy it ill do over night shipping. aim=tilsonHYPE ( i wont be responding on there till around 6 eastern) Thanks, ztils edit:added picture