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  1. Just setting the vibes before we all fucked each others sweet assholes and gargles dicks. You know my scene.
  2. And to clearify.... Big CON CON mentions 5 on it and I was like yo I seen that dude on the innanet. I think on my tumblr or on some skate photo website I go to. And big CON is like SKATEPERCEPTION? And I was like no fucking way. I havent seen Triad or GL2JOHN in a while either. Real heads know. TALK TO ME
  3. Big CON CON Ballantyne and THE LEGEND OF KUBI. IN THE SAME FUCKING ROOM. I mention SP in real life to other human beings who were physically in my presents (LOL ITS A PUN) for the first time. It was not awkward. BIG FUCKIN CON CON! SO WHATS UP SKATE PERCEPTION. How you dudes been. I been swell. Were my French Canadian Jews at. I love you baby. Jlew crushin the tumblr tip.
  4. Kubi

    Feeler:nikon D90

    How much for the 50mm?
  5. How much for both the Nikon lenses?
  6. Kubi

    What's Everyone Reading?

    Yeah I remember some shit from Big Brother. I found the book at a used bookstore and I opened to a page and the first sentence was "How can mermaids have anal sex if they dont have buttholes?" I paid 3 dollars and its the best collection Ive ever read.
  7. Been accepted into the Art Institute of Charleston. Seeing is my girls transfer gets accepted at CoC.
  8. Kubi

    The Travel Thread

    USA Canada Mexico Puerto Rico Costa Rica Sweden Denmark Poland Germany Belguim Netherlands Russia Czech Republic Austria Going to Italy this summer. Gonna get wine drunk with Reidy F. Baby. Favorite has been Amsterdam and Copenhagen.
  9. Kubi

    Best Feeling

    What the fuck is wrong with you?
  10. Kubi

    Best Feeling

    This shit. Plus deep throats from that person.
  11. Kubi

    Any Famous Person

    Nah do Hitler.
  12. Kubi

    Fight/getting Jumped Thread

    Im talking in general.