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  1. first time posting here in awhile, sorry about the youtube...enjoy
  2. seandee


    was filming today in the cold with my vx1000, and all of the sudden the cameras colors went from normal to a purple color...im assuming this cant be from the cold but I didn't drop it, hit it, or anything it just shifted colors like this....why would it do this? Im completely broke at the moment so any help on how to fix this without spending hundreds of dollars is appreciated, thanks.
  3. seandee

    Fs Vx2100

    still up for grabs....1250 shipped?
  4. seandee

    Golden Seal

    two; rare and myself
  5. seandee

    Fs Vx2100

    oh shit, for some reason i thought i said i lowered the price...guess that was not here...yeah 1300 plus shipping seems like is gonna be the case
  6. seandee

    Fs Vx2100

    anyone wanna throw up any offers on this? still trying to get it off my hands
  7. seandee

    Been A Long Time

    williamsburg, brooklyn, ny
  8. here's a youtube link enjoy
  9. seandee

    Fs Vx2100

    still lookin to get this thing off my shoulders...anyone have any offers you wanna throw up?
  10. seandee

    West Coast For 24 Days

    zak im going to san francisco for the winter...come stay with me at sasha's place!
  11. seandee

    Mama's Boys Throwaway

    come about summer time next year we are gonna set up official dates and all that nonsense...figure late summer early fall of next year
  12. seandee

    Fs Vx2100

    bump...i will go lower if need be someone get this off my hands!
  13. seandee

    Fs Vx2100

    and thats just a pic of the 2100 also comes with a bayo ring worth 90 dollars, two batteries
  14. seandee

    Fs Vx2100

    its in great condition really, and this is a starter price; nothings set in stone... just throwin a price out there will go down if need be