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  1. Dan Redmond Edit

    Thanks Dude, I filmed it with a Canon 7D.
  2. I haven't been on the site in ages! Just put out a new skate edit, so I'm back! https://vimeo.com/51768117
  3. Dan Redmond Edit

  4. Winter Montage

    A lil montage with the homies.
  5. Winter Montage

    Made a lil winter edit of the homies.
  6. Zooming With A Dslr

    You can adapt powered ENG zoom lenses to fit a Canon, but the adapter doubles the focal length and you have to have the lens powered by an external battery pack like an Anton Bauer, I also hear that you lose a couple of stops. I just sold a viewfinder to a guy that has one, it peaked my interest for sure. I do my zooms in post or dolly in, but to be honest skateboarding is the only thing I film where I really wish I had a zoom, for everything else I prefer not seeing zooms at all.
  7. Nikon D4 Tba

    I'm getting one for work, mostly for studio photography, but if the video looks good we'll definitely use it as a b or c cam on shoots. My boss was just about to give me all the manual focus Nikon lenses too, I could have gotten the full focal range...damn!!!! I guess I shouldn't have hype up dslr video so much haha.
  8. The D-slr Netjiot.

    I just upgraded bags, I picked up this Camulet beast, it's fairly huge.
  9. Artsy Fartsy

    Hot bevies would have been a good call for sure! I used the noise reducer on every clip in varying degrees, most of it was shot at 2.8 iso 1600, but some of it was with a longer lens at f4 and was pretty bad when I brightened it in post, so it really needed it. It definitely softens the image a bit and adds some banding, but it was a major improvement for sure.
  10. Artsy Fartsy

    Thanks for the comments dudes! Originally I planned to make this so much better, but it was -5C and too cold so we bounced really quick, so I just milked the couple clips I had. The Pleasantville effect was fun, been meaning to give that a test drive for awhile, and Neat's noise remover did a good job, well worth the $100 if anyone was on the fence. Time to make another one!
  11. Looking For A Career In Film?...think Again

    If you truly want to work in film production then you will. It's as simple as that.
  12. Handle-hungry

    So far I really like it, the machine work is top notch and the balance is good. I'm thinking about adding a small lcd to the top just to make things easier. This Swivi looks awesome and it's quite affordable.
  13. The D-slr Netjiot.

    You're gonna love that lens!