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  1. Coffee Break

    Fine Skate Thread

    jenkins is bummed he cant ollie proper
  2. Coffee Break

    The Logo Request Thread

    hahaha you guys are sooo lazy. Plus, every "logo" so far has been so un creative and boring it's ridic. Fuck, just go ask some little kid to draw up your logo, I'd rather see that than any one of these, and it will give you somethin to do.
  3. yeah, word huh, like at the beginning when he was bs flipping like 13....
  4. Coffee Break

    Skate Perceptions Top Shots

    Cool topic This is my fave Mikey Lil photo
  5. Coffee Break

    Frezzi Set Up For Sale.

    Pretty much almost all the way somewhat definitely kinda legit.
  6. Coffee Break

    Vx1000 Dv In/out

    Yeah, my vx captured fine like the first 2 times, and hasn't been recognized since then. I have a capture cam, and it does the same thing, except it was never recognized in the first place. I tried restarting, and that didn't do shit. I know its not a problem with the firewire either, cause I used a friend of mines camera a while back, and it worked fine.
  7. Coffee Break

    Vx1000 Dv In/out

    Same thing happened to me, bummed.