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  1. Mostly Austin, featuring Tim Soeung, Jonathan Lopez, Grant Jensen, Max Taylor, and a lot of homies. filmed January 2012- June 2013.
  2. Robdob

    Assignment 30 Voting

    3 points -Osjeph 2 points - AlexJHorton 1 point - Jerskates
  3. thanks everyone! Back in the day I was highly influenced by Black Box Videos. New Blood was a huge influence. A lot of Aleks Lewandowski stuff too (Bueno - Wizards of Radical, Mystery - Black&White) I personally like head cuts in the proper moments sometimes just seeing the shoe getting as close as you can when filming a line then swerving out for certain tricks. Thats just my preference of filming style. Some of the long lens clips I scaled in so I could zoom back out if needed and I can agree with you on that I probably will scale back out a little on some. Never really liked long lens on DSLR's. I had a VX for about 10 years and love the finger zoom option.
  4. Max's part from a lil video I made. http://www.thrashermagazine.com/articles/trash/max-taylor-x-robgfilm/
  5. Robdob


    ok really need to sell this thing hopefully this week. willing to negotiate. PM me if your serious
  6. Robdob


    bump $1050
  7. have 1 battery and charger. camera works perfectly. $1000.00
  8. Robdob

    15 Min Texas Video

    thanks man!! unfortunately there will not be a 4th, the trilogy is complete. Next project is a full length hopefully due in 6-8 months.
  9. Robdob

    15 Min Texas Video

    thanks, not often really, but it does happen. Have been hit once sent the lens flying scratched it up pretty bad and the bayo ears ripped off..
  10. Robdob


    top 3 you the deal voting ends march 1st.
  11. $400 for lens without tape any takers? $350 for the taped one
  12. lens sold to jordanjensen 2 cams available anyone?