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  1. the old one is gone. heres a netjiot of the future.
  2. if the crafty female tries to stimulate your gooby, do not allow it! know that it is simply a trick and your invaluable resource is at risk, as its in their programming to remove it. do NOT permit extraction
  3. protect your headphones in style https://gizmodo.com/3d-printed-earrings-catch-apples-airpods-when-they-fall-1787710001
  4. this is a pretty good recap of how it all went down: http://forums.skateperception.com/topic/315367-the-book-of-revelations-of-the-true-church-of-the-skate-perception/ that and the modern skate youth have less interest in learning how to operate cameras in today's social media centric, smart phone driven world
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    have a goobalicious weekend my dudes
  7. just visit any skatepark these days and youll find alot of kids who have this medical condition.
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    too many chinese hackers, you can look up videos of them running around shooting blindly into the sky and auto head shotting people on the other side of the map. the playerbase has mostly non-english players now so you cant communicate if theyre in a squad with you, and the devs ignore all the requests from players begging them to region lock their servers. the game shouldn't have left beta as unoptimized as it is, (they rushed it to a full release to cash in while it was still in the height of its popularity and sell on consoles, tho ps4 wouldnt allow it as a title on their platform because of its optimization issues) even with an expensive computer set up with all enthusiast level components the game still often performs poorly. alot of the player base is leaving to fortnite (basily a free clone of pubg with gross overwatch like graphics and a dumb building mechanic) or other games. despite how popular it is, it feels like most of the games issues wont ever be fixed.
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    Random Photo Discussion

    pretty uninteresting imo. once you see one bab youve seen them all. new parents always think you want them to clog ur feed anytime lil jr breathes.
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    DSLR Long Lens

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    Random Photo Discussion

    panhandlers who fill their pans get taxed on their donated income. sometimes they need to use kickstarter if they need more donations than they make locally. donald trump and mike pence patrol the corners of the town/internet and collect a percentage and melt down the coins to make gold plated toilets for their penthouses.
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    Random Photo Discussion

    in that case you should share your surplus with local panhandlers who cant afford to pay their taxes.
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    Random Photo Discussion

    save it for a down payment on the next tax season.