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Found 65 results

  1. CaP17A

    Two Backside Crooks.

    Shot a bit at a "town gathering" type thing. Natural lighting. Background is busy but that is the point. Second is crooked but rotating and cropping in post made it cut some shit. Critique if you wanna. Jack - Back Crook by CaP17A, on Flickr Nik Rancourt - Back Crook by CaP17A, on Flickr
  2. More from Mass. Critique on all of dem plz. Dmitri Dodgski - Frontside Lipslide by CaP17A, on Flickr Self crit. - Pole in the background fuqs witit. Same with the cut off lettering and AC (?) vent. Could use for a tiny crop to get rid of the windows in the top of the frame. Maybe pan a tiny bit left to get all of the grass in the shot. Dmitri Dodgski - Front Crook by CaP17A, on Flickr Self crit. - Bad motion blur. Post sharpening gave it stupid lines around the skater. Maybe a bit too centered. Dmitri Dodgski - Kickflip by CaP17A, on Flickr Self crit. - Flash in the reflection of the window. Getting the full building in frame could look decent. Busy background, kind of unavoidable though... Any other critique or thoughts doe?
  3. CaP17A


    Yeah abandoned factory that fell down. Dmitri Dodgski - Frontside 180 by CaP17A, on Flickr Dmitri Dodgski - Ollie by CaP17A, on Flickr Dmitri Dodgski - Frontside Flip by CaP17A, on Flickr Critique brehz
  4. royalewithcheese

    Need Cheap Filming Setup Around 800 $

    Hey guys, i want to get some new equipment which i can use to get started with filming, so i´m totally new to it. the first question was sd or hd, what i finally answered with hd because i don´t want to capture every clip. second the cam, bridge-cam, dslr or camcorder? by now i think that useful camcorders are way beyond my budget, so the decision has to be made between the canon t2i or 60d and the panasonic gh2. there´s a nice fisheye mod for the gh2 for about 150$, so i´d bought the cam (used) with the kit lens (14-42mm) and that tamron fisheye for the moment. i think that the gh2 features more filming options and settings and a faster auto-focus than the canons... but i´m not really convinced of it... need help in decission! thanks a lot Dennis
  5. CaP17A

    Back Smith

    Got bored, set the camera on a timer, did a back smith. Almost hit the camera. Fuck it. Yolo. Fuck yolo. I'm rambling. Backside Smith by CaP17A, on Flickr Flash glare on the left, flash showing in the background, wall on the right is too hot. Self-critique. Now critique more.
  6. Matt Plays

    Nomad Handle

    Hi, this is Matt Plays, co-founder of Nomad Handle. I'd like to introduce you guys to our new product and tend to any questions you might have. We're hyped on what we have going on. Head on over to http://www.nomadhandle.com to see what's good. Some highlights: Machined + Welded Aluminum Construction Matte Black Powder Coat Finish Adjustable Cold Shoe Attachment Cold Shoe Mount Three 1/4", 20-Thread Taps Two Accessory Holes Collapsible Base Plate Stainless Hardware Size Small for cameras without Battery Grip Size Large for cameras with Battery Grip Made in the USA Questions, comments? Here's the place.
  7. brendanmercado


    watch yoooooooooooooo
  8. brendanmercado

    Some Bodyboarding Pics

    some pics of my friends. i dont really shoot bodyboarding but yah
  9. taintedfilm

    Canon 60d Export

    need some advice on export settings to get the best picture
  10. GLZA

    Slow Motion Software Mac

    Hi, I'm an old filmer from the VX days, recently plunged into the DSLR world. I've been filming with 60d 50fps and need good slo mo. I'm on a mac but not using FCP (I'm on Avid) and need to use something to slow my 50fps down. I've been reading about Cinema Tools but thats FCP only right? What do I need? So far I'm confused...
  11. this is a montage of ching skatepark in brampton, ontario, canada.
  12. KWco11

    Eazy Handle V1 Or V2

    I'm looking for an Eazy Handle for my Canon 60d. Email: kristophercoll@live.com
  13. b0bawesome

    60D With A Nikkor 10.5Mm Fisheye?

    Has anybody tried this setup? I'm curious because I have said fisheye and am expecting my 60D to arrive this week and would like to know if it looks good just so that I don't have to spend money on a many brand fisheye if I don't have to. I understand that I'd need to pick up a EOS to Nikon adapter but that's not a problem because B&H is only a train ride away and is a much cheaper option once again than ordering the many brand piece.