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Found 290 results

  1. first shooting with my fancy 'new to me but hand me down' 5dmk2 as well, feel free to critique. Kind of point and shooting but w/e im stoked coming from a crop sensor bonus
  2. MEfilmer97

    Park Footage

    footage at my local park filmed in one day
  3. We went to the Shelter in Berlin for one day. I feel like skating and especially filming could be a lot better but we were already tired when we came in as we were driving for 7 hours. I filmed almost all long lens clips, my friend filmed fisheye. Canon 550D, 600D, Panasonic HMC150 Samyang 8mm, Canon 50mm f/1.8, cheap russian 120mm lens, reverse mount macro ring, Zoom H1.
  4. KohlSkates

    Panasonic Gh2

    I'm selling my gh2 because I can not use it. I don't know what is wrong with it, it got hit once and won't turn on. So I'm selling it along with my Canon fd 50mm f1.8 and a Canon fd 35-105mm f3.5 (small crack in the body when it was shipped to me). I also got a Rokinon 7.5mm. Cam caddie with the lock out kit and hot shoe (a homie over tightened it now they are kinda stuck in place) and a 16gb card. HMU through here or KohlSkates@gmail.comfor pics and prices (I'm letting some of it go for cheap) Thanks.
  5. DanielJimenezFilms

    First Hd Vid

    James Resly School Project Single Recently did some filming with the Canon 7D for a college project and this is what it turned out like. Check it out I think you all will enjoy some of my first HD footage haha.
  6. same setup as http://forums.skateperception.com/index.php?/topic/315400-canon-6d-w-tokina-10-17mm-fisheye-footage/
  7. hey guys I'm selling my canon T2i with a battery grip, 4 batteries, and the neck strap. It's in great condition, I've taken amazing care of it. I'm the 2nd owner and I personally know the first owner who I bought it from just a few months ago. I'm only selling to upgrade, there are no problems with the camera or grip. Grip is only 2 months old bought it brand new. Haven't been on here in forever but I promise I had a good rep and am very legit. I will try to post pics but best way to get pics is text me. If you're interested send me an email, text me, or call me. My number is 508 431 7199, email is neilanmike@gmail.com Canon 50mm 1.8 Canon 75-300mm both also for sale now! I have a price in mind so just contact me for the price or any questions at all! Thanks for looking guys.
  8. Any suggestions for improvement are welcome.
  9. Hey guys, I have 3 lenses for sale. First is my Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8. Everything is in perfect working condition. Asking $350. Next is my Rokinon 8mm f/3.5. You all know. Only issue is a chip in the lens hood. Asking $180. Finally is my canon 50mm f/1.8. Common lens. Everything works on it. Glass is nice. Asking $65. I'll have photos up later on tonight. PM me for further inquiries. Thanks.
  10. The last bit of footage from 2014, filmed in Chattanooga, Tennessee. You can watch more videos of mine at www.harrisoatesmedia.com
  11. made this awhile ago but im not sure how many people understand how great this setup is. setup: canon 6d eazy handle v2 rode videomic pro tokina 10-17 shot at around13.5-14mm for vig
  12. b0bawesome

    Muffled Onboard Mic?

    Just came across this image on the MapleCamera handle FB page: Is this person muffling the onboard horrendous on board mic of the T2i/any DSLR? Has anyone else tried that before?
  13. Fairbanks Films

    Alaska Skate Edit

    little edit from the skaters up north. if you enjoyed it please like, comment, and sub! Also anything you guys wanna critique or whatever lemme know here too, thanks!
  14. Hey! Haven't been on here in a minute but I'm trying to sell this lens quick (almost time to pay rent). I know this lens is almost worthless to a skate photog but maybe someone will be into it. Had it for a little over 2 years, always stored in a pelican. Optics are in perfect condition, lens barrel is free of scratches and scuffs. Doesn't come with the front lens cap or a lens hood. Was my favorite lens to use but I switched systems and no longer need canon stuff. Looking to get $850 shipped or $825 if you live in nyc and want to pick it up. Feel free to text me 805-748-1648 or email me van@vanrobinson.net Be well :-) -Van P.S. Sorry for the micro pic. If you text me, I'll send better pics.
  15. GioFournier

    Msa Clips

    Here's a few clips I filmed with my buddy Brian the other day.
  16. GioFournier

    Full Frame Fisheye Options

    Hey guys, so I just purchased a Canon 6D and I need a fisheye. I can't afford to go ahead and get the 8-15 Canon L Series fish, so does anyone have any recommendations for a good fisheye that would fit on a FULL FRAME camera. I still have my Rokinon 8mm I used with my T4i, but it is no longer useable with the 6D. Thanks for the help!
  17. Another setup for sale. - Canon T3i with all the factory accessories and stock 18mm-55mm lens, 2 batteries. Not a scratch on anything. -$450 - Easy Handle V2. Extra bars for larger DSLR's and all other accessories it came with. - $250 (SOLD) - Rokinon 8mm. -$165 - Canon Bag/backpack -$30 I'll do $850 OBO for the lot. Sorry for the shitty photo, Additional photos upon request. Email chilko@ualberta.ca or text 780-994-1231. Thanks.
  18. GioFournier

    Lakeland Minute

    Here's a few clips we came back with from Lakeland Skatepark the other day! Skateboarding maneuvers conducted by Brian Ortiz and Omare Brown. Enjoy!
  19. Looking to sell/trade my mint condition Peleng 8mm with canon mount. Only interested in trading for manybrand. PM me for pictures/more info. Also looking for a canon 50mm 1.8. Thanks.
  20. tristanTweaver

    Random Downtown Shots.

    Been sitting on these shots for a few months now. let me know what you think.
  21. I just quickly put together an edit. Tell me what you guys think and I know the filming isn't great, it's old footage. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dcktR0D-c6I
  22. happycloudskate

    480p Hd Clips...

    Decided to put my settings at 480p and zoom out to have a VX like vignetting on my Canon 6d and 8-15mm fisheye, check it out and let me know what you think. Also if you wanna stay tuned in hit the like and subscribe button, I'm starting this series called "Da Block" which is the corner where everyone used to go to get food and drinks when skating at the now torn down Grand Central Spot. Im gonna try to drop one every week and its pretty much just gonna have creative new york style skateboarding. Hope you guys like my idea and any feedback is welcome.
  23. JSantiago

    Is $850 A Good Price For...?

    I'm in the market to purchase a new camera and I've stumbled across what I believe to be a good deal. I've already talked to the seller and got it sealed, but I'm just double checking to see if this is as good as I think it is. I'd be getting a: Canon 60d Body w/ original everything Canon 50mm f/1.4 Rode Video Mic Canon BG-E9 Battery Grip Four batteries (Two canon, two aftermarket) Two battery chargers We came down to a price and it's $850. Now I asked you fellow SPer's, is this a good deal? If not, why? Thanks!!