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Found 4 results

  1. dom_hurley

    Help Needed

    Wow it's been 3 years since I've been on SP... Lesson learned: never let anyone or anything get between you and your camera! Does anyone know how I can get the full version of FCP 7?! I used to be deep in the filming life. Had a filmer board, desktop mac, final cut 7, and my precious vx2 mk2 set up. But then life happened and fucked all that up and I had nothing at one point. I just ordered a vx2 and bought a MacBook Pro. Ive been patient and have honestly tried to use FCP X but its way too simple for me, its like i might as well be using windows movie maker. Or if you know something similar to it that would be helpful too. The dreams of being a filmer again are so close. Anything helps! Thanks!
  2. LZC

    Opteka .3 Vig Help!

    Hey SP, I noticed something was up with my vig on my Opteka .3 from when I view the files on quicktime to when I put them in FCP7 to edit, or when I upload them to Youtube/ Vimeo. I shoot Opteka .3 on HPX170 zoomed into 10 at 72060p Below I've put up a screenshot. On the left is the raw video in quicktime, and on the right is a shot of it in FCP7. In FCP 7 looks like it auto zooms out a bit and there's more noticable vig. Anyone had this issue or know what's up?! I shoot Opteka .3 on HPX170 zoomed into 10 at 72060p and am editing on FCP7 if that helps! Thanks Leif
  3. I shoot with a canon 60d in 1080p 30fps and edit with Final Cut Pro 7 For my last edit this was exactly what I did 1. Took raw footage from SD card, log and transfered into final cut using the Canon plug-in 2. edit 3. Exported using File-> Export -> Using Quicktime Conversion and used some settings I found online for HD footage. I was unhappy with the quality but was rushed by friends to upload it so I just got it to be the best I could in a short time. I understand a lot of the quality issues is with the low light filming conditions. However in situations such as this: (the transition clip inside the car) http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=Dc7NtjwjTZI#t=17s Why does the footage have lines through it? ( make sure your watching in HD if you dont notice at first) I attempted to de-interlace both the clip itself and the entire edit and could not get rid of that. Obviously when watching the clip before it is exported the footage does not look that way. Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks -Ray
  4. Few days ago I went to the Idaho WaterSports Rail Jam and filmed a few of the local and some homies getting ready for this season. Filmed on Canon t3i. Tell me what you think. Please Like and Subscribe to my Channel. Watch in HD