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Found 76 results

  1. tannercudney

    Hvx200 Opteka 0.4x Footage

    Here's some footage I filmed with my Panasonic HVX200 and Opteka 0.4x Fisheye. Just a couple tricks from this weekend. Let me know what you think
  2. Hey I just wanted to share with you guys this little edit I made of Preston Elliott & Braxton Dalton as we took up Preston's HandRail he made for his Senior Project and filmed a little bit. Let me know what you think and feel free to share this and Subscribe if you like
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHOeSjAMvlk
  4. Found one of these mic holders that I have no use for. I figured someone on here could use it. I know it fits the HVX200 but I think it also works for the DVX100 series and a few more cameras. Correct me if I'm wrong. Please PM me or email me if you are interested: tjgaskill.media@gmail.com
  5. mattschleyer

    Wtb: Xtreme Fisheye For Hvx200

    Need to purchase an Xtreme Fisheye for my HVX200 within the next two weeks because i need it for a job. Hit me up with offers, need to buy one soon.
  6. AKskateboarding

    Auckland City Edit

    Made an edit of my local town, Auckland, New Zealand. Tried to make something that a larger audience would enjoy, so it's not primarily skateboarding. Was going to upload to Vimeo where it caters to different aspect ratios (1536x720) but they only allow 1 HD video a week so Youtube's letterbox will have to make do until next week. If you're going to flame me on that for whatever reason I dont really mind, just looking for thoughts on the timelapses and B-roll type footage and how I could improve it. (other than taking a tripod)
  7. AKskateboarding

    February Tage

    Here's a little montage of various footage I've collected over February this year and some last year. Give me some feedback yo!
  8. A park clip my friend made. Check it out, a sub and feedback is appreciated!
  9. Schnicholas

    Hvx 200a Vs. Hpx170

    Can I get some opinions on which one you think is better? If the HPX is worth the extra money compared to the HVX200a? Anything would help!
  10. tannercudney

    Hvx200 Opteka 0.4 Footage

    Just got my Opteka 0.4 Fisheye for my HVX and went out and filmed some clips with the homies. Let me know what you guys think. Please Like and Subscribe to my channel
  11. tannercudney

    Hvx200 Opteka 0.4 Footage

    Just got my Opteka 0.4 Fisheye for my HVX and went out and filmed some clips with the homies. Let me know what you guys think. Please Like and Subscribe to my channel Watch in HD
  12. AKskateboarding

    Cheapskates Kp Promo

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPOHRQNvvcU I edited and filmed a little bit of this, Jack Moon's footage I filmed is HVX200/.3x opteka Let me know what you think of the clip and HVX200 /.3x
  13. Just got my Opteka 0.4 Fisheye for my HVX and went out and filmed some clips with the homies. Let me know what you guys think. Please Like and Subscribe to my channel Watch in HD
  14. Mclovin


    SOLD! I am selling my Xtreme fisheye and am keeping my HMC150 for the time being. As you can see in the pictures below, the glass is really clean except for a hairline scratch. The scratch doesn't really show up in footage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oWhfZj1vyeo I am selling it for $2000 shipped and it includes rails. This lens new + the rails go for about $3000 new, and I'm selling them both for $2000 shipped. Serious inquiries only. $2000 shipped. Please reply in this topic and/or PM me if interested and, if you have any questions please read this whole topic first.
  15. knine1195678

    Hvx200 Fisheye Help

    About to buy a fisheye for my camera, and the xtreme is just not an option. I'll probably choose between an opteka .3x or 16X9 inc. fisheye. The .3x has lots of width and distortion, but you have to crop the vig in post. My question is, does the 16X9 inc. have as much width and distortion as the .3x? If not, will it at least have more width and distortion than a t3i/rokinon? Also if you had a fewer spacers to the 16X9 inc, will the vig be somewhat even?
  16. Selling my EWA-Marine VP2 Underwater Housing Bag designed for the Panasonic HVX200. Will work for any camera that fits in the bag and with either a 82mm or 72mm (with step-up ring included) lens. Good down to 33ft. I know a bag seems unsafe, but it really works, very well. Product Info from B&H http://www.bhphotovi...ousing_for.html Great condition, used it under 10 times. I've tested it down to 15 ft. Never had a scare. Used once in salt water but was immediately cleaned afterwards. Comes with bag, 72mm->82mm step-up ring, 3 "camera-dry" packets (keeps moisture from building up inside) and the foam block it came with to keep it floating. Bag is great for underwater projects, heavy rain, surf videos. Its been awhile since I've been on skateperception, but I'm legit, a few people can verify that if they are still on here. Original owner, bought from B&H $150 OBO Either PM me on here, or MORE PREFERABLY e-mail me at lotb777@gmail.com, then i'll get back to you right away. Photo:
  17. For sale is a Century Optics 0.55x Fisheye HD Lens for HVX. This thing is in perfect condition not a scratch on it. Email me for pics: daylandomedia@gmail.com 100$ paypal Thanks, TJ
  18. mxboarder222

    Diy Spot

  19. I have a Panasonic 3CCD HVX200 NTSC Camcorder for sale. Comes with Charger AC Adapter Remote control Shoulder strap 2 Batteries 32GB P2 Card R-Series Panasonic XLR Microphone 325 VIMA 300W Light + Bescor Battery + Charger Everything fully functional and in excellent condition, never used for skateboarding but for an online tv webshow. No trades just paypal + shipping.
  20. What's the difference between these two? And how do you get P2 cards to your computer? And how much video recording can you do with a 16gb P2 card? Want to her what you guys think!
  21. "Interconnect", a full-length skateboard film by Thomas Tucker. Featuring Nyle Lovett, Jacob "Sully" Ashba, Thomas Tucker, John Dilorenzo, Family, & Friends. Premiere date and DVD's coming soon. Song: Pond - "Mystery" Full-length video coming Fall 2012. Subscribe and stay tuned.
  22. zeroskatertos4

    Dekline Goes East

    Here's a video I filmed from our trip across the country. I filmed just about everything but the Ride Channel edited it.