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Found 57 results

  1. Yeah.......ehmmmmm...............anybody got some coffee leftover? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TCQLwro0pj0
  2. http://footageparty.bigcartel.com/
  3. What do you guys think? Good cuts? Too long?........... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qe_HtUgJKec
  4. This is the 4th installment of the STEAKTAGE series. I recently got an HD camera and have only been using it since but I dont plan on keeping it that way. I plan to keep making STEAKTAGE's all VX1000 but only time will tell. Im sorry to bring such disappointing news but sometimes you just have to advance with the times! -Enjoy
  5. alright so after long last, my PC decided to take it's firewire capabilities and just shit all over them. the ports won't work anymore and i tried everything so i eventually decided to go get a used mac as the cheapest alternative with a firewire port. so i bought one of the early flatscreen iMacs (G5 i think) used for $100. seems to be in perfect condition. i've never really used a mac before until now but it was easy enough to figure out how to capture using iMovie, but after capturing all my stuff i noticed that the quality is kinda butchered. i can't find any settings on what format it uses to capture or compression or any of that. anyone with any experience capturing on macs know anything that would help, or any alternative editing programs for macs that would do a better job? thanks
  6. I would like my video critiqued on Editing and Filming. I'm new to my vx and i'm wondering what my filming is like! Thanks!
  7. andrewlandreville

    Trv900 Throwaway Montage

    A recent throwaway montage I put together. Watch it if you have time and let me know what you think
  8. joshcamacho

    Possible Canon Gl2 Thread?

    I tried searching for a GL2 thread, cant find it lol. I just bought a Canon GL2 pretty much new and I picked up a $60 Opteka XTREME off Amazon. I know its not the best set up but its all I could afford atm. Anyways, If you guys have questions about the GL2, post here.
  9. whyhammer


    I tried a bit of experimenting with the stock footage and so I gave it a story. Please give some specific criticism. Diolch/Thank you http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZF048AS4f5A
  10. JesseHeft


    Hey I have a question if anyone can help me figure this one out. I am wondering out i can get the best rendering settings for my t3i kit lens and rokinon fish. The problem im having is that say rb umali is using a 60d and has 10x greater quality.. idk if its the lenses or if its the post production part.. if someone can help me id be great. I use final cut pro x. and shoot 1080x720p 60fps. I still dont think the footage is at its best quality. Please let me know thank you! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nxWqZGqldF4&feature=c4-overview&list=UUzNAZu9RACq618Kb1pp-KHw
  11. Great, spelt montage wrong for the first critic : D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owU81ICFNhQ
  12. DecaturSkater

    Wtb Vx1000 Good Condition

    I have $200 and a gopro hero 2 with a bunch of mounts and a scratched lens casing. I would like the vx to come with 2 or 3 batteries as well as a charger. Get at me
  13. guyNcognito

    The Eventual Upgrade

    Hi, so I own a Panasonic NV-GS330 and have been filming on it for 2 years now, its great for how much I payed for it and the footage it produces is not bad at all. However, I know I am going to have to upgrade from it one day, and yes its the classic argument to go to a VX or HD? I personally like SD footage more, but some HD footage sits right with me (Ambig's Modern Art was nice), so the questions remaining are, if I need to upgrade in the next 6 months is getting a nice HD camcorder (non-dslr) or a vx the better option? And on that note, is it possible to get a decent HD setup for around the same price as a VX setup?
  14. aaronmcnevich

    In Progress Teaser

    A teaser introducing the Central Florida-based skateboard film 'In Progress'.
  15. Jean_MarcPoirier19

    Is It A Good Idea To Go Sd?

    Hi, I bought a Canon HFM40 setup this december and i have been filming ever since and i really enjoy it. In the near future i'm thinking of getting a VX2 setup because i really love the way standard def looks. The setup i have right now is pretty cheap. (About 450$) I would get a t3i setup but that would be way to expensive for me so i'm leaning towards the vx2. Is this a good idea? Or should I Go HD?
  16. fine - My full length rendition of post "SPREADtheGOOD" footage that was used in other projects besides my own, plus some all new footage. A full part from Dylan Perry and Kevin Shealy, a friends section and a shared part from Tyler Bolar and Travis Ehrlund. Thanks for watching. Follow me on Instagram @Steaktage
  17. Chrome

    Wtb: Vx1000 (not Mint)

    I am new to the forums, and I have been looking for a VX1000 in my price range for a while now. Right now I have around $300 and am not sure if anybody has an old VX1000 laying around to sell for around that price. Clearly I am not looking for a mint VX because I know I can't get one. Please be sure to list all issues below. Thank You.
  18. aaronmcnevich

    Vx1 Opteka

    I'm in the process of acquiring a VX1/Opteka setup and was wondering if somebody could tell me how I can get the most out of the Opteka lens (vignetting, width, etc.). I'm hearing a lot about spacer rings and was wondering if that would help or not. Also, how is the Opteka compared to a MK1? Obviously the MK1 is better and I planned on getting one eventually, but I'm just trying to find out how much of a difference is between the two.
  19. Blew the Dust off the VX1 first time filming with it for bout 6 months to a year.
  20. vx600d

    Better Sd Compression For Vimeo

    Come across this and I had a go of it and it turns out sick, thought it might be beneficial for some people on here that use vimeo Click Here To Go To It
  21. weekendguyjoe

    First Dvx Montage

    New to sp, here is my first montage with my pnasonic dvx100b and baby death. me and one of my homies went to a parking garage to fool around and try and figure the camera out a little... PLEASE let me know what you think (any suggestions/criticism). Its a little sloppy and I only filmed three of the clips because I ended up skating in most of it.
  22. Tylerserra

    Let Me Know What You Think