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Found 114 results

  1. I'm looking to sell my Sony VX1000. I recently purchased a DSLR setup and I'm now trying to save up for an HVX aka i'm following the whole HD trend. I purchased the camera in September of this year off a non-skateboarder. The eBay seller apparently filmed church services or some shit with it and because of this the camera is in mint condition and I have not had any issues with it (it has never been captured on and I've only used sony premiums). Edit: Hey guys, I just filmed some test clips today with the VX to make sure everything was in working order before shipping out to cheesebonk and when I went to capture the footage it glitched... I have not filmed with the camera in over a month and there were no problems before hand, I'm not sure if it's the cold or what. I am willing to drop the price to $475 shipped OBO. It may be as easy as a running a Sony tape cleaner through the heads or it may have to be sent to Video Electronics. PM if interested The setup includes: Sony VX1000, Sony Charger, 2 Batteries and it will be shipped in a Pelican Hard Case to ensure safety in the mail. PM me if you have any questions. Thanks guys. . Photos taken on iPhone:
  2. Th2 Video

    Buy here: $10 http://texasheat2.bigcartel.com/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6o2YidXK6k&feature=youtu.be Miles and Jason's part featuring: Marshall Winter CJ Kelly Miles Canevello Jason Seibert Andrew Halley Dylan McCartin Tim Kozlowski Kevin Kowzlowski Takakuni Ikuma Joe Angeletos Dallas Etzel Chris Contesso Mike Matzuka Carl Borbon and all our friendz. Money is going into fixing vx's.
  3. How can you clean your vx heads if the vtr mode doesnt work?
  4. First Camera

    Hey SP users, This will be my first camera for general use and for skate filming. I'm trying to decide between a SD Camcorder and a DSLR like a Canon T2/3/4i or 7/5D. I would really enjoy having the DSLR as it's smaller and I can use digital media however I've seen a bunch of clips of the VX1000,2000 and DVX100b and I'm loving the clips I've seen so far. They really do look crisp. I have about $600 to spend and so I'm looking for more bang for my buck. A DSLR seems like a clear choice if I want more use out of my camera but honestly I think I can get by with just my cellphone if I want to take pictures. I'm really set on either a DVX100b or T2i at this point unless someone can recommend another camera and include some Pros and Cons that would make that particular item more favorable compared to other options. Thanks!
  5. Wtb Vx1000

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a Vx1000. I have a bit of money, as well as items such as xbox 360s, video games, skateboards, Beats headphones, etc. Just ask if I have something to trade as well as money. Post here or contact me on my Skype: Gabehansen. Thanks guys.
  6. Ok so pretty much a few days ago I was filming this guy a line at night and my tape ran out, so I ejected it and the motors in the heads just spun a little and stoped and I saw that when I looked through the view finder and it was just green but then I started hella glitching, like grey and all diffrent colors but still no picture. so I took the batery out and put it back in and it worked fine and ejected, but I saw that it was super dark, you could still see a little but really dark so I turned the exposer up and It didnt do anything so I turned it up all the way and it was still pretty dark, but it wasnt really pixley like when you usally turn up vx exposer. I turned it to auto exposer and took the battery out again. After that I worked fine even on manual, so do you think this could be a problem in the future? Also does anyone even know what could have happened?
  7. Best Mini Dv Tapes?

    Well basically I know everyone on here seems to love sony premiums but I've been told and read on here from a post by VE that sony cause the most problems is this true? Also I've recently been told fuji are the best because they use non oil based lubricants or something like that so they dont clog up like sony? Any help? Thanks
  8. first tape filmed with a VX1000 with MK1 just out of the oven, she is Japanese camcorder I'm learning the setings. Subscribe and critique.Brazil.YO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qVa66RsW9mo&list=UUjCu8NoLo12T3GrhzKVANSA&index=1&feature=plcp
  9. Vx2000 for sale with Century Optics MK2 death lens. Lens has minor scratch to the hood . It also has a small buff on the corner of the glass but it does not effect the quality of the picture due to how wide the lens is. the camera was just refurbished by www.videoelectrics.tv No battery or charger Make payments through paypal at beatleserc25@gmail.com https://docs.google....hpx7esA3Mg/edit Lets TALK $$$
  10. Little mini edit we filmed before getting the cops called on us and getting kicked out, I need to find some better export settings because they are coming out bad, but other than that tell me what you think likes and subscribers always are loved! <3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UiItFCqeBSw
  11. hey im trying to find a precision color viewfinder for my vx1000 but i cant find one.. can anyone help me?
  12. So heres a small little edit I made for fun, not really anything special or big at all, like I said all for fun, Sorry if steady shot is on in some clips, some of these clips are from over a year ago when I first started to film and some are now, Both Vx1/Mk1 and Vx21/Opteka. Enjoy
  13. Opteka Death, Better Vig?

    Hey, I have a Vx2100 witha 58mm screw on Opteka Death with a 58mm spacer ring and a 58mm Uv filter. The Vig on the Opteka death for me is sorta just complete black but I like how the Vx1/M1k shows sorta the corners better, is there a way to make the Opteka lens look like that? Also could it be that i Just need to remove the UV filter? Here is some footage if you can tell the Vig is just black.. Thanks - Zach
  14. *SOLD* No scratches on lens. Comes with both front and back lens caps.
  15. Wtb Vx1000

    WTB. Vx1000. the most im willing to spend is 400. Obviously i need a used one. also if you have a mk1 or a 52mm opteka tell me and we can discuss that.
  16. my vx just started having sound glitches but the audio doesnt completely drop out, it just makes a weird crinkly noise behind the actual audio. PLEASE HELP
  17. Raymod For Vx1000, And Sony Cam

    If your selling either of these PM me, looking for a Raymod fisheye to fit a Vx1000 and a cheap sony capture cam, also if you got some batteries that fit the vx1000 I might think about buying some. I live in the Uk Birmingham to be exact, so you would need to be okay to ship here or local. Thanks for reading and don't be shy Pm me!
  18. Mkii Help (more Vig)

    Hello everybody i have a sony vx2100 with a MKII I would like to know how to add more vig to the MKII? Please dont sugesst to get an MKI (i know its better and i need a VX1000 or mod it) Thanks for the help
  19. Do fisheyes for GL1 and GL2 fit on sony vx2100?
  20. Tapes And Cameras Dilemma..

    ok i just recently bought a VX2100 and a sony cap cam. the dude that sold me the vx ran panasonic tapes through it, while the cap cam used sony tapes its whole life. should i run a head cleaner through the cap cam and use panasonic tapes or what. thanks brothas
  21. Vx1000 Tape Deck

    is it bad to eject alot? and should i use a head cleaner even though nothings wrong with my vx?
  22. Wtb Vx1 And Mk1 Setup

    I need to buy a functioning vx1 and century mk1 setup ASAP!!!!
  23. I have a Lenovo Win7 PC with an AMD C-50 Processor GHz, 2.00 GB (1.60 GB Usable) RAM. 64-bit Operating System and I use a 32-bit Sony Vegas 11 and I just want it to not lag during my editing playback but it does I know i can select the clips and press Shift+B but that only works for like 30 secs or less of footage and messing with the preview box doesn't work either please help I just want to edit in peace haha.
  24. Vx1000 Mk1 + Accessories

    sell my very mint vx1000, always babied and cared for. never dropped or lens checked... no scratches on lens. comes with 4 batteries, 1 of them can only be used on the Sony 10/20 light the light's glass is removed and is much brighter. the vx eyepiece doesnt lock in place but it has never bothered me, but a simple small piece of tape can fix comes with sony cap cam that has a huge screen and has always been reliable with huge battery life... the lens is a lil scuffed on the black paint but doesnt effect image quality. also small nick on very edge of glass but doesnt show up! look at all my vidoes. asking $1200 + shipping. also will trade for 7d or a bronica sq(a/ai) set up (u add cash also) paypal or local (LA) pickup