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Found 115 results

  1. themasterskaterbater

    Vx1000 Mk1 + Accessories

    sell my very mint vx1000, always babied and cared for. never dropped or lens checked... no scratches on lens. comes with 4 batteries, 1 of them can only be used on the Sony 10/20 light the light's glass is removed and is much brighter. the vx eyepiece doesnt lock in place but it has never bothered me, but a simple small piece of tape can fix comes with sony cap cam that has a huge screen and has always been reliable with huge battery life... the lens is a lil scuffed on the black paint but doesnt effect image quality. also small nick on very edge of glass but doesnt show up! look at all my vidoes. asking $1200 + shipping. also will trade for 7d or a bronica sq(a/ai) set up (u add cash also) paypal or local (LA) pickup
  2. Hey just got a VX 1000 and I found that there is a white dot on my footage. Could it be my sensor? A burned out pixel? I looked at the lens thoroughly and i can't find any dust. How much would it be to replace the CCDs? Is that even possible/worth it?
  3. Hey, do you guys think that big green spot thing is lens fungi. I just got the lens like 3 days ago so, I think my vx1k might have it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ptxUj8JTzs4&feature=youtu.be
  4. nico

    Vx1k Bayo!

    I need an VX1000 bayo ring. It can fit 52mm or 58mm. Please! Bayorings.com is out of stock and amit dosnt make'em anymore.
  5. The vx hasn't seen use in a while because I tore my ACL and just had surgery, So its currently in a bag full of silica packets, in a shoe box, in my closet. There is nothing wrong with the vx1000 internal, everything works as it should, even the vtr controls (Kinda rare I guess haha). When I got the camera I sent it to Kerry as soon as I could and got basically everything internal replaced. He told me the video head has years of life left. External it has its regular signs of use. Some cracks and dents/ uneven ridges on the handle (not so noticeable unless you stare at it hard enough) The paint has held up pretty well after filming with it a while. It does have some tiny scratches/ chips in some places but thats from it being in and out of my camera bag so often (security is a bitch over here) What you'll get: Custom Vx1000 Mic suport foam 3rd Party charger 3 Big batteries Lens hood 2 sony premium tapes Bescor 50/100 with battery & charger (If the price is right) Panasonic Gs320 + 2 big batts & charger (can be included for an additional fee) Footage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5enWAWJvFeM Camera demonstration: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EklrPJnbvWU Price is $700 obo Will accept either DSLR trades, 3ccd setups, or a prosumer HD camera. I could add cash depending on what it is and if I really want it. If you have an offer and want to negotiate please email me at: J.Garcia.MFG@gmail.com **No refunds, sold as is. Too many sketchy people in the past breaking shit and blaming it on me.**
  6. Hi, I have a problem with my camcorder. To start off, it is a Sony DCR-TRV19 1chip miniDV camera. I know it isn't very good, but I'm a novice filmer. It has worked fine for about a month and a half, and allegedly hasn't given the previous owner any problems either. However, I now have a problem with the camera. I can set it to Camera, and everything will seem to work fine. The picture displays, I can start and stop recording, and everything. But when I set the camera to VCR to replay footage or capture it, the screen will stay blue. I can press the play button, and the camera will "play" and roll the tape, because when after it's played for a minute and I press rewind, it will whir and rewind to the beginning. The numbers at the top that would usually display the time in the tape are just lines. I've tried a brand new tape, and nothing changes. It appears the the camera isn't recording anything, but even when a filled tape is inside, still nothing will play. That's about it to the problem. Hopefully I've provided enough detail and someone can help. And hopefully it's a problem I can fix and not something that will cost the price of a better camera to fix. What can I do to fix it? Thanks for the help in advance.
  7. Here is the Craigslist listing. Link to pictures is in the listing. I only want to sell, preferably together. $1,100 OBO https://post.craigslist.org/k/5mV-1Kup4RGPPF2ZH63sYQ/oS2G2?s=preview
  8. Hi everybody... do anyone use the Century Precision Optics 0HD-FEAD-Z7U 0.45x Fisheye HD Adapter Lens? I watched it on http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/577505-REG/Century_Precision_Optics_0HD_FEAD_Z7U_0HD_FEAD_Z7U_0_55x_Fisheye_Adapter.html In fact I use an Opteka ultra fisheye 0.3x 72mm on my Sony HDR-AX2000e... Let me know about it or about the best solution... in fact I hate the Opteka's vigs!
  9. Hey guys, please let me know if you have a broken vx1000 sitting around your house! Let me know what you want for it. I need a VAP ASAP!!! Thanks Y'all! Check out this promo for KC!!
  10. optimusprime411

    Dvx100B Opteka

    The focus and zoom rings don't work but you can get around it easily otherwise works great, good for night footy. I have a Sony light too. Pic upon request, works fine I jus no longer need it I use 7d now. I got 3 batteries for DVX and 2 for light. Chargers, 4extra Sony prems, cap cam. Errythang you need to start filming.
  11. ryanfilms7

    Canon T3I For Sony Fx1

    Hi, I have a Canon Rebel t3i, Rokinon 8mm fisheye, Canon 18-55mm, Canon 55-250mm, Cam Caddie, Lockout kit for cam caddie, Lowepro Camera bag, and 5 batteries.. I am offering to trade this for a Sony Fx1.. Preferably a fisheye include (Opteka or mk2) I will also trade for a dvx100b with an opteka and 100$ The cameras have to be in good shape tho with under 200 hours. I've only had my t3i for 3 months and it works great. Nothing is wrong it. Mint condition.
  12. smoke&fly

    Vx-1000 Help Please

    My friend is giving me is old vx but the down side is that there was a tape stuck in the tape player and he removed it and destroy the tape player Is it possible to fix it or to put a harddrive on it ? please help
  13. What is the best setting for rendering a Sony VX2100 (MK2)? I use adobe after effects CS5.5 and Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 Thanks
  14. InfiniteFreshness

    Wtb: Sony Vx2000 W/ Charger And Battery

    Title says it all. I'm looking to by a sony vx2000 with a charger and battery. All in good condition.
  15. al3c3

    Mk2 Spacers

    I have a MK2 fisheye with sony vx2100 and i want to add vig? how would i step up or step down (spacers)? and what spacers do i get (size)?