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Found 97 results

  1. wdauel

    Mk1 Mk2 Bayo Rings

    are the bayo rings the same threading for both? I know they're 72mm but there's a half inch gap before you get to the threads on an mk2 and I've never taken an mk1 apart. for example: I have a vx1000 and was wondering if a bayo would work on an mk2 and an mk1.
  2. just a monty i made, let me know what you think! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Ss2z4Z8Cf4
  3. like the title says, I´d like to buy a century optics fish eye mark 2 for my vx2100. I prefer screws over bayo.My budget is 300$. PM me. Update: I already got one. You can delete this.
  4. gilburtt

    Wtb: Dvx100 Setup

    Looking for a DVX setup, preferably with an MK2. Interested in 100a's and 100b's.
  5. Hi I just bought a vx1000. Unfortunately i still haven't got money for a new mk1 lens and I am not having any luck finding a second hand one. But A friend of mine (a really cool skater that used to skate for Cliche - Ricardo Fonseca - Best Portuguese skater untill now) lend me his mk2 lens. So I would like to do some tests with that lens until I have a the money and or chance to buy an mk1. What do i need? Some adaptor from 52mm to 58mm? Which one do you recommend? I saw something about spacers? How many do you recommend and which ones? Where can i get those? Sorry for this newbie questions. Thanks!!!
  6. alex_hesh

    Mkii Gl2 Help!

    I got a mkII that had a bayo for a dvx100. Took the bayo off and is suppose to have 72mm threads under so I got a 58mm-72mm step up and 72mm spacer. The 72mm spacer came and it doesnt even screw onto the mkII threads, the ring seems like a tiny bit to small . Help!!
  7. Dan Abbate

    Opteka Death Vs Mk2 For A Vx2100

    So, I'm getting a VX2100, and I need to know what the better choice would be. I already know someone's going to say "GET AN MK1." But, I cant afford one right now, and I found a few MK2's for very cheap. I know that Century makes better glass, but I am a big fan of the vig on Century lenses, and the MK2 doesnt have any vig. If there is a way to get vig on the MK2, I would by it in a minute. What do you guys think?
  8. this is all throwaway for the full length video we are working on.
  9. FinnFilms

    Need A Dvx Mk2? Anyone?

    A DVX MK2 would be very much appreciated, also a HDV MK2 would do the trick just fine. I will be modding it for my HMC150 PM me
  10. This is my first montage with the vx, hope you like it
  11. MovementMovement1

    New Montage$

    My brother and I skating at some local parks.
  12. halfcabskater97


    I got one, thanks for the offers
  13. CaliGreen

    Mk2 On Canon Xf100

    I've had an Opteka fisheye on my Canon Xf100 for a while now and i'm really not happy with it. I always find myself shooting long lense because i don't really care for the way it looks. It's almost more of a wide angle than a fisheye. I remember when I had a GL2 with a Raynox fisheye that looked pretty bad and when I bought an MK2 I started shooting fisheye on the regular because of how much I liked the way it looked. I'm hoping thats the case with the XF100 as well but since it's 16:9 I don't know if it will look stretched. Does anyone out there have an MK2 for their XF100? If so could you post or send me some footage with it?
  14. MovementMovement1

    ▲▼ Jazzy ▲▼

    New montage. Getting jazzed up.
  15. johnljodoin

    Mk2 Spacers With Vig?

    vx21000 with mk2 bayo. i need help with taking off the bayo and what size spacers will wokr?! i really want vig! please help!
  16. al3c3

    Mk2 Spacers

    I have a MK2 fisheye with sony vx2100 and i want to add vig? how would i step up or step down (spacers)? and what spacers do i get (size)?
  17. Just having fun with my buds and bombing hills. It's like 90 degrees outside today. I know my lens is really dirty.
  18. The video was shot in low light and contains epic royalty free music from iMovie for the soundtrack. Please excuse both when viewing. It was shot with an HPX170, but the HPX170 and HMC150 both have the same optics and bayonet, making the comparison applicable for both cameras. The comparison includes: HPX170/HMC150 with the Century Optics Xtreme Fisheye, long lens, Century Optics HDV MK2 (at zoom Z07), and HDV MK2 (at zoom Z14). An Imgur gallery with full resolution screenshots and a .GIF of all 3 can be viewed here. Keep in mind that while the HDV MK2 at Z07 has the most distortion on the sides, it has much more vig compared to the Xtreme, which has more distortion vertically-- which is where distortion counts the most when shooting skateboarding. Below are the images scaled down for SP: and a .GIF of all three:
  19. Daniel Hasson

    Wtb: Century Mk1

    Hey there SP! I'm looking for a MK1 for my VX1000. I do live in the UK but am willing to pay for anything worldwide. I have also got a fund of just over £300 (around US $470) and this fund is not including postage. I've got these items to trade for a MK1 as well the money: - Sony HVC-3000P (Comes with original Sony, Trinicon Hard Case) - Opteka 58mm Fisheye (The 'MK2 replica') - Raynox MX3000 58mm Fisheye - Century Optics .6x Wide Angle MK2 for the Panasonic DVX100A (Bayonet Mount) - 43mm to 52mm Step Up Ring - 46mm to 52mm Step Up Ring - 49mm to 52mm Step Up Ring - 52mm to 58mm Step Up Ring - 58mm to 52mm Step Down Ring The HVC-3000P is in excellent condition with no scratches on the lens or body. The leather handle has some of the leather wearing away but thats it as far as 'wear and tear' goes. The Opteka has been through a lot and therefore has scratches on the front element. The back element has some marks that I have no idea what they are and have been there ever since I purchased it. The body of it has a few scratches but thats it. It was also modded with a SONY VCL-0637H and that can also be sent off. The Raynox has been used only once or twice. There are no scratches on either elements and the body is in perfect condition! (This fisheye can also be modded with the Sony VCL-0637H). The .6x MK2 has only been used once or twice as well and is in perfect condition. There are no scratchs, dents or marks on the body or the elements. All step up rings are in excellent condition. The 52mm to 58mm Step Up Ring has some dried superglue on it. This has NO affect on being screwed on to a camera or lens. The reason why it was used was because it was used when I modded my Opteka with the Sony VCL-0637H. It wont let me post images so if you need any, send me an email (email address below). But of course if you do not want to sell me a MK1 with these as well then still message me. Please PM me if you have a deal or email me: danchasson@hotmail.com Thanks!
  20. danhasson

    Dvx Mk2

    Hey, I've got an excellent deal for a Century Optics MK2 for the Panasonic DVX100A. Its in a brilliant condition and will ship worldwide. Enjoy! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/281105846719?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  21. MovementMovement1

    ~new Montage~

    Skated this local indoor park on a rainy day for my brother's birthday. Here's the montage I made form the footy. It's really dark inside so I have to set my shutter super low so quality is ass.
  22. MrTristanChart

    Vx1000 Or T3i

    I have a vx2/mk1 setup right now and am looking to trade for, or buy a vx1000 or t3i. I'm not letting go of the mk1 if someone gives me an offer with a vx1 obviously. I'm also willing to sell my whole setup or separately. Shoot me some offers.. on here or email: tjachart@gmail.com (my setup is minty fresh)
  23. Yo here's a fun video I threw together. l0l R. Kelly & all.
  24. matt_enright

    Opteka 62mm On Dvx?

    hi, i was wondering if an opteka 62mm death lens would look good on a dvx, or would it have horrible vig, or if anyone has it, could you send test footage. thanks
  25. matt_enright

    Want To Buy 72mm Fisheye

    hi, i just got my dvx100b, and im looking at buying a cheap fisheye for it. it can have minor scratches and whatnot. im willing to trade stuff to, just tell me what your looking for. it has to be $100 or less if im buying with $ not trade