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Found 97 results

  1. I have a couple things to trade for it. First I have a mk2 with a small scratch in the corner that rarely shows up. I also have a Ogio Ty Evans bag that I don't need. Just need the body, I will add money if necessary.
  2. acoops

    Mod An Fx7 Mk2 To Dvx100b

    I'm looking to buy an Mk2 for my DVX100b and I know someone with a Sony fx7 and mk2 who said they will sell me their lens for cheap. I don't live in the same city or anything so I can't just check it out easily but does anyone know if the dvx and fx7 would be the same size or would I need to purchase an adapter as well?
  3. i bought a mk2 on ebay and it said it was 58mm, it doesnt have threads, its way too big for my vx1 and i have to tape it on, the only thing is that is has this thing that twists like its supossed to lock onto something, maybe it locks onto the vx2000 on the outside of the threading. idk but does anyone kno if i can buy and adapter, i cant find one cuz this fisheye only has the lock on not threads, soo -its a ultra fisheye adapter century mk2
  4. skatestone

    Thoughts On My Vx2000 Video Quality?

    Hey guys i want to know what you all think of my upload test. Been working hard for a while to get the BEST looking video out of my vx as possible and i think im getting pretty damn close. youtube did compress it a bit i noticed that the file on my computer looks a lot better than the youtube video but still. This is looking a lot better than most vx2 footage ive seen on youtube. tell me what you think. maybe give suggestions on how i could improve it even further.
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a4CxVrgWrdI&list=UU9nDlMCvbIWoaPNKesM1EpA&index=1&feature=plcp Just a promo for a video I'm making. We've only been filming for about a month and a half, way too early for a promo, but I decided to throw this together. Tell me what you think! (By the way, it was my first time uploading to youtube with Dvx footage, I think my settings worked well? Any constructive criticism on that?) Thanks.
  6. aaronmcnevich

    Dvx Mk2 Front Element Opinion?

    There's a really small scratch on the DVX MK2 front element I have now that is only barely noticeable in harsh light. I'm still pretty content filming with it because the scratch doesn't really effect too much of the footage, but I'm just trying to get some sort of idea on which front element I should go with when it does come time to be replaced. I read some threads about the Opteka front element and how it's pretty compatible with the DVX MK2, but a buddy of mine said I should just spend the extra money and go with the Century (Schneider) Optics front element. Thoughts?
  7. Just a few homies messing around and having a good time. http://vimeo.com/50627683
  8. It's not technically a promo, but for the clothing company Emortal Clothing and their team rider Kass Plummer it essentially is. Kass is a good friend of mine out of Central Florida and he recently moved to Holland, so I made this edit for him and for Emortal as an official goodbye... http://vimeo.com/49089935
  9. ChaseCollins

    Dvx Fun Montage

    Just a quick fun, party line montage down at the local park with my friends. Tell me what ya think
  10. Nickbradian

    Looking For An Opteka 72mm

    Yeah just got a FX1 and i'm looking for a 72mm opteka or a century mk2. just message me
  11. I was wondering if I could receive some help on an estimate of what it would cost me to repair my DVX100b? The damages aren't major. The only things that are wrong with it are the bayo and the mic. The bayo is a little loose due to a percentage of camera hurts, but is still fully functional and still withholds it's strength (even through a recently experienced camera hit). As for the mic, it only records in mono because of a minor short caused by sweat leaking into the handle, but that also is still fully functional. Besides these two things that's all I know that's wrong with it. I'm trying to get it fixed because I'm in the process of trading it for another setup, so a cost estimate or any other help would be greatly appreciated.
  12. proleming

    Selling Mk2 Fisheye 58mm

    selling my mk2 lens 58mm fisheye lens for $400 because i bought the wrong fisheye for my vx1000, its only been used about 3 times in its whole life, i live in florida daytona beach. the fisheye is for vx2000 and vx2100 and has no scratches way sooooo everrr, - you can text or call me @ (386) 334-3031 -i will send u a pic of it right away i wish i could have it but i can't:(
  13. bryancmo

    Wtb Dvx Mk2 Low Hours

    Looking to get a new dvx setup soon! I fucked up and left my previous dvx on the roof of my vechicle and never found it hours later. If you have a setup that's pretty mint let me know!
  14. kaigustafson

    Vig On A Vx21 Mk2 Bayo Mount?

    Ive been frustrated with having no vig on my sony vx2100 mk2 bayo mount? Can someone tell me how i should handle this issue?
  15. cameron2g

    Mk2 For Dvx100b

    Would someone please tell me where the most reliable place is to buy an Mk2 for the Dvx100b? Thanks in advance!
  16. Go skateboarding day in downtown Jacksonville, FL. Critique on titles and shit
  17. Please help my homie Pat Schaefer out by watching his insane ass footage, and if you can like the video and help spread it around to your friends if you can. He moves out to cali in like a month, and there's no doubt in my mind he's gonna make it, but this video has way too many less views than it deserves. No, I didn't film all of this but it's filmed by Lucas Milano. Here's the link to his channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/llluuukkkeee904) If you think the footage was dope and want to see more, do me a favor and subscribe to that channel. His latest street part is already out in the full length video " Express Yourself " (on his channel) , but Lucas just started on a new project called Thanks For The Truth, and he'll be having another full part in that as well. I've helped film a good portion of his new clips, and his new shit will not dissapoint at all. Please take some time to enjoy some of the most tech shit I've seen in a while, and do what you can to spread it around. Thanks guys!!
  18. alexarcara

    Mk2 For Dvx?

    hey i am looking to buy a mk2 for dvx. post if you have one to sell. i am also willing to do trades.
  19. If you liked this, subscribe to the VII YouTube page. Thanks.
  20. Shot with HPX170 + Century HDV MK2 and a HMC40 was used for the long lens angles at the last spot.